Promote the operation “improve quality and reduce quantity”!Guiyang compulsory education stage school homework management implementation guidance issued

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Guiyang network – · guiyang headlines Guiyang city bureau of education teaching laboratory has issued the guiyang city elementary school homework management guidance on the implementation of the guiyang city junior high school job management guidance on the implementation of the law, the compulsory education stage teacher “ShuangJian environment” guiyang “mass reduction” homework has made the detailed guidance.According to the two opinions, the homework design and emphasis of schools in compulsory education are different in the whole city.In primary school, when teachers assign homework, homework design is mainly divided into two categories: basic homework and practice-expanding homework.Among them, basic homework attaches importance to its diagnostic function and feedback function, and must consolidate the learned knowledge.The extended practical homework combines the characteristics of subjects and guiyang characteristics, and actively develops the homework of exploration, practice, observation and experience, and comprehensive application of multi-subjects, so that the homework is full of fun, curiosity and thinking, and becomes the motivation for students to study deeply.Junior middle school stage, the number of homework every week of each subject must not exceed the weekly class hour number that national curriculum plan sets, each subject weekly homework length is in accordance with “guiyang basic education curriculum reform compulsory education curriculum plan” the class hour proportion that sets undertakes calculating.When designing homework, teachers should combine teaching activities and teaching content, start from three types of basic homework, expanding homework and innovative homework, and strive for diversified forms and types of homework, and prohibit the whole paper or teaching materials as homework.According to not schoolmate section, not schoolmate situation, teacher will also carry out targeted homework guidance to the student.In the first and second grade of primary school, the homework should fully consider the combination of knowledge memory and interest, if there is a small amount of written homework should be completed in the school, the time is about 30 minutes.In grades 3 to 6, homework is done mainly in class work and “5+2” time.Among them, classroom homework is designed with the core problems in class as an instant memory task, focusing on understanding and accumulation, as well as the connection of subject knowledge. “5+2” homework is designed to timely find students’ problems in class through classroom observation and homework, so as to make up for omissions.Extended practical homework is mainly completed in daily homework, weekend homework, winter and summer vacation homework, such as reading, field visits, learning to do housework, physical exercise, etc.In junior middle school, teachers can guide students to finish their homework with high quality by means of centralized guidance, stratified guidance and individual guidance.Fully consider its guidance, the teacher in class teaching quality and the goal of job design, job requirements, task difficulty, the difficulty and learning on the basis of the first to properly compensate for teaching legacy, according to different job content, student groups, extracting key guiding elements of this assignment, make appropriate to remind, tips, guide.Related articles designed by using the enginking machine and designed by using the enginking machine. Related articles designed by using the enginking machine and designed by using the enginking machine.Email address: