How hard are bullet train wheels?Long monopolized by Japan and Germany, how did China turn over

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As we all know, China’s excellent high-speed railway technology has become a national brand. Compared with other railway powers, It can be said that China has absolute advantages in the global scope. What is the most difficult thing about building high-speed railway?How did China overcome this difficulty to achieve transformation?The answer to this question is the wheel of the bullet train, the humble wheel of the bullet train, but the four countries of Japan and Germany are stuck in the neck, how hard is it to make it?Its technology has been monopolized by Japan and Germany for a long time. How did China break through?A high-speed train, or EMU train, is a type of modern train consisting of at least two carriages with driving force and a number of carriages without traction.China, as the world’s recognized high-speed rail technology power, has been blocked by foreign countries for many years because of the humble high-speed rail wheels. Now, the construction blueprint of the “eight vertical and eight horizontal” high-speed rail network has been laid out, and the domestic production rate of high-speed rail wheels has reached more than 95%.The wheel, one of the most overlooked components of high-speed rail, dissuaded industrial powers that wanted to make it locally, including China, which had not yet become an infrastructure fiend.For a long time, can completely independent production of high-speed wheel, but only four countries, including (and has, but China’s determination to build a completely independent intellectual property rights of modern high-speed rail network, as a result, China railway’s multiple locomotive factory to organize team researches, vowed to break the blockade made their own high-speed rail wheel, the beginning of the project,There were also many people who were dismissive of this, believing that China, as the world’s largest steel producer, could not fail to produce a small pair of high-speed rail wheels, but in fact, even the advanced domestic cold-processing assembly line at that time could not produce high-speed rail wheels that could pass the inspection.Because the graph processing high-speed rail wheel, high-speed emu huge weight of the car itself and high-speed corners of great moment, weighing WuLiuShiDun single car when driving pressure in all four for high-speed rail wheel, the wheels in each pair of bearing capacity are put forward high request, in addition, the high-speed rail high speed through the corners,Weighed close to a main battle tank car when turning the huge potential energy will continue to conduction to the high speed rail wheel, in addition to compressive strength, high iron design a maximum of 350 kilometers per hour, in such a high speed travel, the wheel will continue to produce severe friction, and track wheel long time direct contact with the rail high strength and rigidity, wear resistance of wheel material also has a huge test.In several times to the early commissioning acceptance, domestic wheel appear constantly intense deformation, heat bilges cold shrink and fatal defects such as cracks, which makes China railway people from these mistakes and settled down to leak fill a vacancy, eventually clear understanding to the Chinese domestic high-end metallurgy technology still lags behind that of foreign countries, comprehensive so that domestic steel mills to produce high-quality steel plant processing domestic didn’t have the qualification of the enterprise,They have to go abroad to be processed by foreign companies and then sold in China. In this way, if this problem cannot be fundamentally solved, they will only rely on comprador transactions to maintain the operation of high-speed rail and steel enterprises. In the long run, the competitiveness of Chinese steel products in the international market will only decrease day by day.Realized that fe and domestic several big steel mills seeking for industrial transformation and upgrading, abandoned the previous extensive management mode, high price bought production line from abroad and dismantling internalization, finally let high-speed rail wheel manufacturing technology for their own use, domestic steel mills and thus in the field of high-end metallurgy segmentation management, intensive cultivation mode of production, eliminate a large number of backward production capacity,The integration of existing resources, and finally, riding on the wheels of this small high-speed rail, China’s high-speed rail and domestic steel enterprises are flying in the spring breeze of The Times