More than a year of activity during the consumer market bustling

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During the Spring Festival, many shopping malls and supermarkets in Xi ‘an actively prepared promotional activities for consumers, and the consumer market became lively.”Take the family out to hang out, there is the atmosphere of the New Year, before the time to buy new clothes, now also too late!”On the third day of the lunar New Year, many consumers are shopping at the Bell tower store of Intime Department Store kaiyuan Mall. Ms. Zhu takes her daughter and mother to do some shopping.It is reported that Intime department store changed the tradition of Spring Festival holiday in the past, this Year’s Spring Festival will not close, through goods, logistics, services to bring consumers easy to buy, shopping, good service “Inthai style shopping experience”.Staff at the Bell Tower store of New Century Mall of Intime Department Store said that in previous years, intime department store would have a holiday on the first and second days of the Lunar New Year, hoping that employees could spend the holiday with their families.But this year, affected by the epidemic, many citizens chose to stay in Xi ‘an for the Spring Festival. In order to enrich their holiday life, The Intime Department store decided to close.In addition, more than 30,000 shopping guides will be on duty in Intime department stores throughout the country during the Spring Festival to provide consumers with quality services.In addition to the adjustment of business hours, Intime department store has also prepared enough popular items for the New Year, strengthened the organization of national fashion and domestic products with elements of the Year of the Tiger and the New Year, and set up a variety of store activities to create a sincere “lunar New Year gift package”.”We have packages available for customers to pick up online, from vouchers to in-store gifts.”Intime Department store staff introduction.In terms of food and beverage services, intime Department Store also actively coordinated with merchants to improve service quality and launch rich and affordable New Year’s package during the New Year under the premise of strict control and epidemic prevention measures.In addition, the reporter learned from Hema Fresh, the year before the Chinese New Year these days, xi ‘an store seafood and aquatic products sales increase the highest, fruit sales in these days over 3-4 times.The category with the second highest increase is wine and nuts, and the third highest increase is hema fresh kitchen and hema Workshop.Top single products favored by consumers include shrimp, king crab, hairtail, polong, abalone, famous wine and white wine, nut gift box, steamed bowl eight-treasure rice and New Year’s Dish gift box.Source: Xi ‘an Press all media chief reporter Regulus Yang zi editor: Chi Yi