Students created by the “ice pier pier font” fire, mellow and lovely, the teacher is not optimistic

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/ jumping mother winter games was going on, as the Olympic mascot ice mound mound, the panda’s image with protection shell, appear very lovely and fruity, became a hot object, everyone wants to have a ice mound mound, but ice mound mound is limited, there are a lot of people don’t get ice mound mound, so these people choose other ways to have ice mound mound.A pier is difficult to find, even if the big price can not buy, Bing Dandong dwen is loved by people, there are many netizens have imitated Bing Dandong Dwen, even the students are also attracted by the appearance of Bing Dandong dwen, many parents in order to find a lot of ways for children to bing Dandong dwen.Some students in order to let oneself have a ice mound mound, came up with this way, it is imitation ice mound mound, some students is to look into ice mound mound, some students imitate ice mound mound in the handwriting, it got the attention of many people, for students through the writing to simulate ice mound mound was amazed the idea, let’s take a look at what is ice mound mound handwriting?Students create “ice mound mound” font, fruity and lively, the whole class to mimic the students in the process of learning, will always be through his open mind to enrich their own life, this will bring boring learning career more fun, especially for the students of high school stage of learning, learning pressure is more big,Students not only need to improve their grades, but also need to pay attention to many details.Students’ writing is a very important thing, it’s about to the students test scores, they like through his head to understand knowledge, and study the handwriting, how to make their own word becomes more good-looking, so there is a student in ice mound mound has created a new kind of writing, under the inspiration of this writing is known as “ice mound mound handwriting.This font created by students at first glance gives people the feeling of art font, every word is very round, very lovely, people can not help but love, with Bing Dandong dwen looks very like, there are a lot of students after seeing this handwriting, get the recognition of the students, have to imitate.In the heat of the Winter Olympics, students can also be regarded as a celebration of the Winter Olympics, when the teacher saw this handwriting, all praised the students are talented, but as a teacher heart is very clear, this handwriting if students usually write ok, but when applied to the exam, it may have an impact.So the teacher also clearly told the students, Bing Dwen dun font is not suitable for daily learning font, students still want to consider clearly, do not bring this handwriting to the test site, this will only increase the burden on the marking teacher, but also easy to misjudge, the final ranking dropped but you yourself.Now network developed, we can see many fonts on the Internet, there are some very fire web celebrity font with the students love inspired them to follow suit, the last applied to learning, but there are some web celebrity font is bad for students to learn, there are some web celebrity type is very suitable for the students, let’s take a look at what is suitable for the students to use web celebrity font?What are some popular fonts for students to learn?Whale whale fall font font by people like, once all the rage, this font main characteristic is in a unique style, short distance is known, write up to give a person a kind of very neat feeling, let a person have a feast for the eyes at that whales fall like its name sounds beautiful, represents a free and easy personality, this font students can draw lessons from,When applied to the exam, it will not bring trouble to the marking teacher, but will increase the good impression.Cheese cheese font font the font looks give a person a kind of feel shine at the moment, the font is very cute, but without losing a style, girls will be like this font, give a person a kind of sweet feeling, the greatest characteristic of cheese body is in its last a up always raise and Angle is the Angle, clasps is, look, won’t make the person produces visual fatigue, formed a unique style,It is favored by students.Hengshui hengshui font font is very famous and see the font, many people would think that is printed, the font is very suitable for the students learning, the font is very serious, give a person a kind of neat, do not break again beautiful, is very beneficial to the students, especially in the exam, but also will be marking the teacher praised, the students also will be an additional knowledge points,And this font is a test tool, students must learn this font.The author wants to say: the teacher’s words the students must listen to, as a teaching teacher, they are always in the dedication of their own, teach the students useful knowledge, help the students in the way of learning to continue to move forward, let them become more excellent, finally admitted to the ideal university.Students should learn to be grateful, to cherish the people they meet, whether it is classmates or teachers with different personalities, will bring us experience, students should cherish, develop a good learning habit, with a more full spirit to deal with learning, do not waste the good youth.Topic of the day: What do you think of bing Dwen Dwen font?What font do you think it looks like?