008 | a person eat dinner, 31 yuan, beef cabbage soup and grilled corn (with recipes)

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Rainy day, a person to eat, buy a little beef and corn, want to go home to get a small hot pot shabu meat to eat, the results sell corn elder sister but help me take down corn kernels.Then let this become a beautiful misunderstanding, corn kernels roasted to eat, beef with the cabbage at home boiled a bowl of quick soup, staple food, meat and vegetables also have.I also learned how to cook kernels in an air fryer, so I never had to go to a grill to eat kernels on a stick.Ingredients: beef 150g, 1/2 head of Chinese cabbage (about 250g), beef soup 500g, water 500g, salt right amount, celery 1 small handfuls: (1) Prepare beef and cabbage, wash fresh cut beef, wash Chinese cabbage, wash celery, remove leaves and cut into pieces;(2) Bring beef soup and water to boil, add Chinese cabbage, cook until the Chinese cabbage becomes soft, then pick it up;(3) Remove the beef, blanch it and remove it immediately.(4) Add salt to the soup to taste, pour into the cabbage and beef, add celery to enhance the freshness and flavor.Crumble crumble read :(1) in chaoshan, buy beef will be configured with beef soup, you can ask for some, boiled soup is more rich.(2) Chinese cabbage can also be replaced with other green vegetables.Ingredients: 1 corn, 5 grams of corn oil, salt and pepper appropriate practices: (1) corn grain, rinse, dry with kitchen paper, add corn oil, grasp well, put into the air fryer frying basket;(2) Set the air fryer to 180℃ for 15 minutes, remove the frying basket, shake it, and turn the corn kernels.(3) When the time is up, take out the corn kernels and season with salt and pepper according to personal taste.(1) If you like spicy food, you can also add chili powder to taste it.(2) The time for the corn in the air fryer can be adjusted according to your personal taste. If you like it crispy, turn the temperature up a bit.Beef 28 yuan, corn 3 yuan, cabbage stock at home.