800,000 unsalable sell not to go out, the employee still told shenzhen seller!Amazon’s Boss?

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Crazy advertising push ranking, blind replenishment for explosive single, but the ranking suddenly plunged, inventory unsalable 800,000!Operation mouth hi SAO operation, turn around to tell the seller!What’s going on here?Dear sellers, since the beginning of this year, your cross-border business has encountered a worse external environment than that of last year. It should have been a time for us all to work together to tide over the difficulties. However, some people just seek their own interests and ignore the difficulties of others.A seller in Shenzhen, size is not big, there is an operation staff in a SAO operation left 800,000 unsalable inventory, in accordance with the contract agreement to leave the money, the seller to report.Mark, a cross-border e-commerce company, will make an appointment for jzao • Innovation 2022 Cross-border e-commerce Product Innovation Online Summit 1 at 09:00 on April 15.China’s overseas brands into a new era;2. Rococo’s subversive innovation thinking from small workshop to 10 billion platform;Seller friends video, really have to say some amazon’s operations is often, may be empty for a few years operating experience, amazon without sums up his experience and methods, will only mechanical copy and imitate play before, to meet the specific circumstances change, or repeat blindly, without adjustment, but also very will boast, performance is very confident,When the interview said the seller in the heart of boiling blood, recruit come in to be able to explode single!Last April, the seller in Shenzhen gave an Amazon account shop to the operation of Chen mou (pseudonym), Chen mou took over the account, is a crazy hit advertising, ranking is really up, looking at the single increase, Chen mou immediately start replenelling, waiting for the single – replenelling cycle.In fact, the advertising expenditure has been quite amazing, calculation of production ratio knows that this ranking is very unhealthy, but the seller friend also holds the first psychological trust, see how Chen will operate next.A month later, the ranking suddenly plunged, Chen did not take any follow-up effective operations, not to mention reducing THE Acos, there is no way to maintain the ranking, the seller friend also has no way, watching the ranking fell, replenishment goods are very likely to become unsalable inventory.Three months of probation in the past, Chen’s account losses for three months in a row, the seller friend or agreed to Chen’s conversion, but the company signed the labor contract has a evaluation standard: sales and gross profit for three months in a row are the last, all aspects of the data are not up to the implementation of the elimination system, that is, automatic resignation.As a result, Chen in November last year, December and January this year for 3 consecutive months by the management of account performance in line with the above evaluation criteria, the account is still in a loss state, in April to fill the goods also officially become unsalable inventory, to this time there are as many as 800,000.So, according to the contract this seller should dissuade Chen mou.When the company personnel and Chen mou talk, unexpectedly Chen mou refused to cooperate however.Personnel promises to give Chen a month’s salary separation compensation according to law, and Chen has asked for two months of salary separation compensation, otherwise refused to sign in the book of dismissal.It is not easy to find a job in this economic climate, and it is understandable that workers lack a bit of economic security.However, it is also incomprehensible to ask others to be good people, to ask others to give more to us, and to demand more than our own legitimate rights and interests.Obviously, according to law, this seller friend only compensates Chen mou the obligation of a month’s salary, absolutely did not compensate the obligation of two months ‘salary.Besides, now the seller’s friends themselves are also struggling to operate under the deteriorating external environment, where there is the condition to do such a generous good deed!However, Chen mou refused to sign the contract after not getting the compensation of two months salary of the company, and walked away directly in anger, followed by the seller to the labor arbitration bureau!This kind of behavior is a pit seller.Now, the seller is not only pressing 800,000 unsalable inventory, but also received the arbitration invitation from the labor arbitration Bureau. On May 24, the seller will accept arbitration with Chen mou, and the company is likely to face more than 40 thousand fines.Seller friends, encountered such operations certainly who do not want to, only in the recruitment of the time to pay attention to shine eyes, personally check, those who will only brag, no real talent and knowledge of the operation are singled out, especially those who make a big commitment, say what method and experience of the operation, especially vigilant!I hope all the sellers can grow up with their own operations and work together to overcome the rugged road of cross-border e-commerce.