Dogs repeatedly “lick” urethral orifice, is not a normal phenomenon, the owner should pay attention to!

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Dogs licking their urethral orifice is also a normal phenomenon, it is cleaning work.But if it licks repeatedly, it’s not normal, possibly for several reasons.If your dog is older, he may leak urine, as his body’s skills begin to deteriorate, leading to urinary incontinence.It can’t help peeing, and it wants to clean up, so it keeps doing it over and over again.Bladder urethral calculi bladder urethral calculi often occur in middle-aged and elderly dogs, the main symptoms are: early urine frequency is high, serious words will have difficulty urinating or even urine blood.The dog feels uncomfortable and will repeatedly lick his urethral orifice. If the owner finds such a situation, do not hesitate to take the dog to the doctor immediately.A dog’s urinary opening can be inflamed for a variety of reasons, from fungal infections to impaired kidney function.If the dog is the urethral mouth inflammation, it will feel the urethral mouth is very itchy, just think through repeated licking to alleviate.A dog’s urethral orifice is less likely to be infected with parasites, but it’s also possible that if it is, its urethral orifice will be itchy and will be licked repeatedly.So the host or regularly give dogs insect repellent, insect repellent during some dog intestines and stomach is not very good, will have loose bowels, master don’t need to worry too much, to eat dog probiotics, recommended “chan not greasy pet probiotics”, live bacteria, and can resist acid decomposition, it can effectively help the dog dog recuperate intestines and stomach.Eleven months old male dogs are sexually mature, they have a strong sense of territory, will use urine to “enclosure”, female dogs will also secrete some fluid out, so they will keep licking the urethral opening.So if your dog is in heat, he will lick his urethral orifice repeatedly, and if you don’t want your dog to have offspring, you can wait for them to be neutered after heat.Need to pay attention to, a female dog in heat body is quite weak, attention should be paid to give it to keep warm, and nutrients is faster, attention should be paid to compensatory nutrition to it, can be custom dog food, also can choose a kind of nutritious foods, such as “chan not greasy foods” has a variety of high quality cattle chicken duck fish + pumpkin, carrots, and cranberry, such as fruits and vegetables, can guarantee the dog dog and balanced nutrition,Cranberries, in particular, protect your dog’s urinary system.Conclusion: Can your dog do this?