New ‘acoustic genetics’ technology could replace surgical implants: scientists

2022-05-18 0 By

Science fiction network on February 10 – (Liu Yazhu) recently scientists using ultrasound to develop a new “acoustic genetics” technology, or will replace surgical implanted pacemakers and other equipment.It is reported that ultrasonic wave is a kind of mechanical wave with very short wavelength, which can be used for cleaning, gravel, sterilization, etc., and does not exist in the vacuum environment, which is shorter than 2cm (mechanical wave wavelength of 2cm~20m audible range).Devices such as pacemakers and deep brain stimulation electrodes need to be implanted into the body to transmit electrical impulses from the battery through a wire electrode that stimulates the object the electrodes are touching.The new “sonogenetics” technique is different, replacing the pain of the implant simply by adding a gene called TRPA1 that can be activated by ultrasound.In fact, back in 2015, scientists proposed that the ultrasound-activated trP-4 protein was added to the worm’s neurons.TRPA1, a protein believed to be naturally occurring, was discovered after mammalian cells were found to be unable to respond to TRP-4.The protein was proved to be safe and could make HEK cells respond to 7-mhz ultrasonic wave.The researchers used gene therapy to add the human TRPA1 gene to the brains of mice and found that only this specific group of neurons were activated.Looking ahead, the scientists said they hope the experiment, which uses an external ultrasonic transmitter to activate neurons, will be successfully applied to humans and replace devices such as pacemakers or deep brain stimulation electrodes, which can only be used through implants.