Pokemon go: Check out the pokemon with the shape of The Washui region

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Xiicui area is the ancient period of the Shenao area.Due to the large time span, many of the Pokemons in Xicui area are quite different from the forms of today’s Pokemons. People call the unique form of Pokemon in Xicui area “Xicui area form”.Now, let’s take a look at which Pokemon have the shape of the Xicui region!The common ice rock monster is an ice pokemon, covered in ice and a beautiful ice blue color.The ice rock monster of Zeitui is a Pokemon of ice and rock. Its back is also covered with ice, but its feet are not covered with ice, giving it its original brown color. Its lower jaw is covered with a large block of ice, which is said to be able to break rocks easily.2. Big Sword Ghost Big sword ghost is a water system Pokemon in the family of Oksan in the Hezhong region of the fifth generation, which has a single water attribute.The great sword ghost of Xicui area is also one of the three royal families, which adds evil attribute to water attribute.The great Sword ghost of Xitui is more ruthless and aggressive than the ordinary great sword ghost.3. Fire Beast Fire Beast is the second generation of the debut of the King of the City area three family of fire pokemon, attributes for a single fire attribute.The fiery Beast of Xicui area is also one of the three royal families, with fire and ghost attributes of Pokemon.According to the investigation and research of scholars, the fiery beast in Xiicui area was influenced by the spirit of Lingshan standing in the center of Xiicui area, which formed the form of Xiicui area.It is said to use its own fire to purify and transfuse souls that have nowhere else to go.The sniper Tree owl is the seventh generation of arora osan’s grass pokemon, attributes for grass and ghost attributes, body feathers are brown and green.As one of the three royal clans, the blurry tree owl is a grass and ghost pokemon with brown and red feathers.The sitri snipe owl’s feathers are tighter and more close-fitting than the normal snipe owl’s.It is said that this can resist the cold climate of the washui region.Cuddy and Wind Speed are single fire pokemon dogs with creamy yellow manes.Kati dog and Wind Speed dog are fire and rock attributes of Pokemon.Kati and Wind dogs in the Zeitui area had longer and thicker manes than normal Kati and Wind dogs.Their soft, warm fur is said to keep them active in the cold, leafy areas.Common Sticky mei er and Sticky Mei Long are single dragon attributes of Pokemon. They are very gentle and always hold their favorite trainers.The iron in the water in xiecui affects the skin’s mucus and changes it into a metal shell.The slime and slime dragons of The Zeitui region are sullen and furious when the object of their affection leaves them.7.狃 pull ordinary 狃 pull is evil and ice attributes of The Pokemon, personality Yin malicious cunning, like to steal other Pokemon eggs.狃 Ra of The Seitui region is a Pokemon with fighting and poison attributes, and has a much better personality than the ordinary 狃 Ra, who enjoys rock climbing on cliffs.Ordinary thunderbolt and Naughty Thunderball are single electrical properties of Pokemon, can suck the surrounding electricity, and prone to self-explosion phenomenon.The Thunderbolt and Naughty thunderball are electric and grass pokemon. They store electricity and like to release the energy stored in their bodies. Especially naughty thunderball, when it is agitated, it can emit electricity with the energy equal to 20 lightning strikes.The common killefish is water and poison properties of Pokemon, covered with poisonous spines, spherical body, dark green and yellowish green mainly.Thousandneedle fish in Xiichui area are evil and poisonous. They are similar to ordinary thousandneedle fish, but the color of their body is mainly black and light yellow, and the spines on their upper body are covered with pink.10. Miss Skirt The ordinary miss skirt is a grass pokemon, its lower body is covered with leaves, looks like a lady in a dress.It is a grass – and fight-like creature, with two long legs sticking out and looking very strong.According to the investigation, the skirt young lady in xiicui area lives in the deep snow mountains, and developed foot strength helps them to survive in the harsh environment.Ordinary Zoroah and Zoroac are pokemon of evil nature, with dark red and black bodies.Zoroah and Zoroak in the Zetri region are pokemon with general and ghostly attributes, and their bodies are predominantly pink and off-white.It is said that The Soul of Soroa in Suchui was born in Suchui after her death, so she has a deep resentment.When it evolved into the Soroak setri region, it was driven by a hatred deep enough to tear itself apart that it was determined to kill its enemies together.The ordinary Warrior Eagle is a Pokemon with general and flying attributes. It is a brave fighter of the sky who will not give up fighting no matter how wounded he is.The Warrior eagle of Zeitui is a kind of migratory bird named Pokemon, which is larger than the average warrior eagle.In winter, the mighty eagles of Zeitui fly from the north to spend the winter.Which one of these pokemon in the wash Green region do you like best?