Seize the first quarter of the “good start”, to achieve the annual “new breakthrough” | Dezhou Hengli Electric Party Secretary Chen Fei: in the innovation of marketing technology to achieve new breakthroughs

2022-05-18 0 By

On the morning of February 7, after listening to the 2022 work mobilization conference of Dezhou branch, Chen Fei, chairman of the Party Committee of Dezhou Hengli Electric Motor Co., LTD., said that as an entrepreneur representative, he was greatly encouraged by the commendation of outstanding entrepreneurs who made outstanding contributions by shandong Provincial Party Committee and provincial government.In the future, we will make efforts in innovation, marketing and technical transformation to achieve new breakthroughs.Texas journal produced by the new media reporters | Mr. Yu edit | | MiaoXin audit xiao-hang zhang final | Zhu Daijun