The “taste” of spring starts with clover

2022-05-18 0 By

Spring, all things recovery, all kinds of delicious rivers and mountains also emerged, from time to time to enrich our table.Recently, appeared on the farmer’s trade market of jiaojiang district a kind of season “game” — clover, very popular with citizens.Wild vegetables on the table spring “taste” best-selling “hey, clover has now, to a handful.”At noon on March 10, Ms. Wang, a citizen, was buying vegetables in jiaojiang Garden market. She accidentally spotted the clover in the middle and bought it without hesitation. “The fried cake of clover is very delicious and my family all like it.In the vegetable market, there are many citizens tasting fresh, not long after, many citizens bought clover.Clover, also known as Chinese milk vetch, is a common spring plant. It was often used as animal feed, to increase soil fertility or as a scenic spot.In recent years, many people put it before flowering tender seedlings as wild vegetables on the table, become a unique “taste” in spring, vegetable farms, restaurants can see it from time to time.Seasonal short thing with “sparse” “fresh” expensive clover do not see it is everybody common plant, but its “value” not low.”How much is a jin of clover?””Nine yuan a catty.”At the garden market, a citizen sighed after hearing the price: “Quite expensive.”Vegetable vendor Boss Chen said with a smile: “just now have let you taste fresh, after this season to eat no.”In garden market and Wanjichi market, clover can be seen in front of vegetable vendors’ stalls, and the price is also very “firm”, basically staying at 16 to 18 yuan per kilogram, while other vegetables in the same period are usually around 6 to 9 yuan per kilogram.All say things with rare for expensive, clover is not only the only one in wild vegetables at present, accounted for a rare word, but also because we just experienced the Spring Festival of big fish and meat, urgent need light, fresh dishes to improve appetite, its best-selling is self-evident.Many restaurants also take the opportunity to introduce this seasonal dishes, fried cake, fried eggs and so on, recommend to customers.”The fried cake with clover is very popular in our shop, and almost everyone will order one when they see it.”Jiangcheng South road of a hotel said.Local wild vegetables are not assured can be free testing “clover we are still more common, most of the planting in the local, it grows vigorously, without how to fertilize, is a more natural, green vegetables.Hong Linwei, director of the food coordination department of the district Market Supervision Bureau, said, “If people are not sure about wild vegetables, there are basically free food safety testing rooms in jiaojiang farmers’ markets for citizens to test.”The flowers should be picked before they bloom, leaving us little time to eat clover, people who want to taste fresh as soon as possible.(Source: Website of Jiaojiang District People’s Government)