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Meilis Daur Rural Revitalization Service Center, the district finance fully funded the section level public welfare institutions.The main job responsibilities are to undertake the administrative support work of proposing the requirements of farmland projects;Responsible for rural revitalization related business guidance;Publicize national, provincial and municipal policies on rural revitalization, poverty alleviation and development, and green food development.Meilis Daur People’s Hospital, a second-class public institution funded by district financial balance.The main job responsibilities are to carry out the relevant national and provincial laws, regulations and development plans as well as health industry standards and technical service specifications;To receive industry management and business guidance from health administration departments.1. Registration time: February 23 — February 25, 2022.Morning: 8:30 — 11:00 PM: 13:30 — 16:002Registration method: on-site registration is adopted.The examination is divided into two parts: written examination and interview.The written test score will account for 60% of the total score, and the interview score will account for 40% of the total score.Total score = written test score (including additional points for policy)×60%+ Interview score ×40% (total score is reserved to two decimal points).1. Written Test The written test is based on common basic knowledge.After the written test, candidates will be selected for the interview in a ratio of 1:3 according to the order from high score to low score. If the last candidate in the written test is tied, the candidates will be expanded accordingly.With the approval of the Municipal People’s And Social Security Bureau, the interview proportion can be reduced according to the actual situation.The written test results will be publicized within 3 working days.2. Interview The interview is structured.The main test candidates professional ethics, logical thinking, language expression, organization and coordination, problem solving skills.The interview lasts for 15 minutes and consists of a team of seven interviewers.Candidates take two lots to determine the interview sequence number and enter the examination room for interview.The interview score will be scored by the judges on the spot, and the staff will score on the spot, remove the highest score and the lowest score, and then calculate the average score (keep two decimal points after the decimal point).Applicants with an interview score below 60 will not be hired.After the interview, according to the job applicants for the order from high to low grade, according to the number of hiring the 1:1 ratio in the assessment and examination of the candidate, if overall appear, if you have meet the examinee of the provincial government employment policy priority priority to hire, or else the written test scores the most as a candidate to the assessment and medical examination.Disclaimer: some of the above content comes from the network, copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a violation, please contact this account deletion processing.For more detailed information, please pay attention to the examination of Heilongjiang Public education institutions in Heilongjiang Public education institutions recruitment examination! more information please private xiaobian “888” detailed consultation