Grief!Hebei a policeman died on duty, his name is Ma Zhongyuan, only 41 years old!

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At 18 o ‘clock on February 15, Qian ‘an city public Security Bureau Caiyuan police station comrade Ma Zhongyuan, the third grade police chief in the Beijing-Harbin expressway Checkpoint qian ‘an, suffered a heart attack, after rescue ineffective, unfortunately died on duty, only 41 years old.Ma Zhongyuan comrade, born in November 1980, to participate in the public security work, successively in police, traffic police, police station, multiple positions, with a burning desire for the work of public security, faithfully fulfill the sacred duty of the people’s police, loyal, hardworking, selfless dedication for the people, and loves the hillock professional, with practical action to practice the mission and act as a people’s policeman.Beginner’s mind such as rock practice mission shaohua not cast loyal comrades, all the way good!Source: Ping an Qian ‘an Editor: Zhang Weina, Gele Fei Review: Zhang Jianlin Supervisor: Yang Jianglong