Heilongjiang Province optimized the business environment special action set up enterprises special class held a meeting

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China Quality News Network April 6th, Heilongjiang Province to optimize the business environment special action set up enterprises working special class held a conference in the form of video.Entrusted by Li Haitao, standing Committee member of CPC Provincial Committee, Executive Vice governor and special team leader, Zheng Daguang, party secretary, director and deputy team leader of provincial Market Supervision Bureau presided over the meeting and put forward specific work requirements.The meeting stressed the need to further improve the political standing and enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency in promoting the improvement of the indicators of start-up enterprises.Members units from firmly established “two”, the practice of “two maintenance” the political level, understand the province to optimize business environment work conference spirit, according to the provincial party committee secretary hsu, governor Hu Changsheng deployment requirements, to optimize the business environment, promote enterprise’s open and cancellation of ease of working as an important political task, hold firmly grasp the real results.Meeting requirements, to focus on key tasks, enhance the indicators of enterprises to improve the effectiveness of work.Focus on the important tasks.The special class for the work of setting up enterprises must advance according to the specific measures of the work plan, strengthen the joint force of work, identify the right entry point, strive to break through the difficult points, speed up the short board, strong and weak items, implement the specific measures, and promote the indicators of setting up enterprises to compete for the first place.Keep an eye on the time node.All member units shall implement detailed tasks month by month in accordance with the relevant arrangements and completion deadlines in accordance with the Key Tasks of The Special Class for The Special Action to Optimize the Business Environment, and complete the set goals with high quality within the time limit.Keep your eye on the target.Each member unit should regularly assess the progress and effect of work, adjust work measures dynamically, promote the work of starting enterprises to achieve new results, strive for first-class, as soon as possible to achieve the convenience of starting enterprises to upgrade the rank, enter the excellent grade.The meeting called for strengthening overall planning and guarantee, insisting on the idea of “playing a chess game”, and promoting the index of start-up enterprises to improve.Each member unit should grasp the situation of specific tasks in detail, analyze problems in detail, formulate plans in detail, support measures in detail, and implement work in detail.We will strictly according to the provincial party committee ability of “six to six don’t” work style construction requirements, carefully controlled state business environment evaluation system of index of starting a business, a find a first-class, a see a gap, a catch a improvement, and promptly submit the case to use “catch iron marks, stepping stones to keep printing” the spirit of being done.At the meeting, Li Zhongmin, member of the party group, deputy director and director of the office of the special class of the provincial Market Supervision Bureau, reported the progress of the work of the special class in the first quarter and the difficulties in the current work, countermeasures and suggestions, and reported the results of the evaluation of the first quarter.The responsible comrades of each member unit of the provincial special class reported the situation of the work of starting enterprises in this field, the difficulties encountered and the relevant opinions and suggestions.The deputy leader of the special class of provincial enterprises, members of the office, the relevant responsible comrades and liaison members of the member units, the team leader, deputy leader and office members of the municipal (local) special class attended the meeting.(Feng Zhimin)