Linze county cadres and the masses continue to discuss the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-05-19 0 By

The Winter Olympic Games are taking place, and the Chinese team is making good news.Since the official start of the Winter Olympic Games, linze county cadres and the masses of the enthusiasm for the event continues to rise, we all witness the glory moment of the Olympic athletes to win the gold medal, and work together for the strong motherland praise refueling.”Now the competition is the ice dance free dance, this project through music and dance all the prescribed movements choreographed together, a complete embodiment of beauty…”On the sixth day of the lunar New Year, Li Zhenghong, a physical education teacher of Wusan Primary School in Linze County, watched the ice dance free dance competition live at home with his family. In the process of watching the competition, Li Zhenghong popularised the knowledge of ice and snow sports to his daughter from time to time, so that the child could further understand and fall in love with ice and snow sports.Li Zhenghong told reporters that he was a professional athlete, engaged in professional sports for 10 years, very passionate about sports.He also believes that the coming of the Winter Olympics will drive more people to pay attention to sports.In the future work, we should shoulder the responsibility of digging, training and conveying more excellent sports seedlings for the motherland, and contribute to the cause of sports within our power.”The Chinese short track speed skating team won the gold medal. As Chinese people, we are proud of it. We believe that the Winter Olympics will drive teenagers to love ice sports more.As PE teachers, we should do our best in every PE class. While paying attention to the healthy growth of students, we can train more excellent athletes for the county, city, province and even the national team and win glory for the country.”Li Zhenghong said.In the National Fitness Center of Linze County, the majority of cadres actively pay attention to the situation of the Winter Olympic Games, feel the exciting moment of the passionate Olympic Games together, cheer for the Chinese athletes.We have said that as grassroots sports workers, in the future will be inspired by the Spirit of the Olympic Games, actively organize to carry out mass sports events, continue to improve the construction of public sports infrastructure, continue to meet the growing needs of the people’s sports, promote the high-quality development of sports in our county.”As a sports worker, in the New Year, we will be held to the success of the Beijing Olympics as an opportunity, widely popular forms of national fitness activities, cultivate strong distinctive brand sports event, universal access to carry out the mass of ice and snow sports, constantly improve the level of the national fitness public services, efforts to promote the development of county sports quality.”Linze County sports center deputy director yi Duo3 said.(Yan Hui Liu Ying)