“Thought it was an earthquake” : tiles fell off the exterior wall of a residential building in Kunming and hit a cafe downstairs.

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Recently, many places in Yunnan issued a blue warning to remind the public to pay attention to the safety risks brought by the strong wind. At about 15:20 on February 12, the tiles on the outer wall of a single building in Xingguang Yuan District of the First City with South Asian style suddenly fell onto the roof of a cafe below. The huge noise startled the shop assistants and customers.Caused no casualties Reporters on the scene saw that the location of the ceramic tile of peeling nearly detached wing top, as the outside wall with cement metope, ceramic tile shedding nearly long enough to cover the three stories tall, ceramic tile stripped nearly 10 square meters of area, ceramic tile is right in the off position is littered with some pieces of ceramic tile on the sidewalk.The periphery of the area has been pulled up the police cordon, the community a property management personnel on duty at the scene, guide passers-by through a detour.A community owner said: “the area of the fall is relatively large, almost as high as a three-story building (diameter), the sound of going down, the vision is a bit scary.”According to the property management staff in the community, the wind was very strong when the tiles fell off. Fortunately, after the porcelain fell off, it fell on the platform of the third floor and did not hurt people.”Because it was just windy when the tile came off, so it fell off.”Beneath the building where the tile fell is a cafe.Coffee shop staff told reporters, as most of the tiles fell on the top of the shop platform, then issued a huge sound, the store was not light.(SOUNDBITE) (English) CAFE WORKER saying: “It was just like a boom, like a bomb went off. I was serving food on the second floor and at first I thought it was an earthquake. The customers got a little panicked and everybody got up.”Coffee shop staff introduced that the huge vibration also shook off some decorations in the store, some customers’ meals were contaminated by dust, and some customers were scared to leave in a hurry, bringing a lot of losses to the store.The manager of the cafe said, “In just ten minutes, more than 30 customers were scared away, and the refund amount was more than 1,000 yuan. All the dust fell on our products, and we made a replacement of our products, which also cost more than 1,000 yuan.”According to the manager of the cafe, the shop has just been made waterproof, now part of the waterproof layer has broken, the damage is not yet estimated.A staff member said the broken tile hit a pane of glass in the cafe’s roof while diners were eating below, but it would have been disastrous if it had not cracked.”This is the glass, and there were other guests sitting in this spot, and there was another person sitting here sleeping, and he fell off and got a shock.”Community a property management staff introduced, after the incident, property personnel quickly to the scene to check, the person in charge is now docking with the damaged businesses, will take appropriate measures as soon as possible to prevent greater impact.Some community owners said that the recent wind is also relatively large, hope that the community property management as soon as possible to take corresponding measures to prevent the wall next to fall off.”In particular, there is another piece next to it. It looks like it might fall off at any time. I wish I could fix it again and protect it so as not to fall down again.”Since the beginning of spring, Kunming often has strong winds. When traveling, citizens should pay attention to the potential safety risks caused by the falling off of glass curtain walls, external wall tiles and other building materials of some aging high-rise buildings.1, stop outdoor activities and high altitude and other outdoor dangerous operations, dangerous zone personnel and residents of dilapidated houses as far as possible to shelter places for shelter;2, close the doors and Windows, reinforce hoardings, scaffolding, billboards and other structures that are easy to be blown by the wind, properly place outdoor items that are vulnerable to strong winds, and cover construction materials;3, pedestrians pay attention to ride bicycles as little as possible, do not stay under billboards, temporary structures and so on when the wind blows;4. Take positive response measures for water operations and passing ships in relevant waters to reinforce port facilities and prevent ships from anchoring, grounding and collision;5, cut off outdoor dangerous power supply;Airports, expressways and other units should take measures to ensure traffic safety, and relevant departments and units should pay attention to forest fire prevention.Source: 8099999, Yunnan meteorological editor: Yang Li Review: Zhu Xiaohan Final review: Fu Xiaohai ▼