Yanshan County Liu Xiaoyan: daughter-in-law with mother-in-law remarry a woman to serve three mothers

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The original title | Liu Xiaoyan: her daughter-in-law with her mother-in-law had remarried A woman who served three mama Liu Xiaoyan, female, born in May 1975, salt mountain county qian tong town, west village, the villagers honor.She more than ten years as one day, in the father-in-law, husband, four children have died, with practical action interpretation of the true meaning of “filial piety”, take care of the mother, the former mother-in-law and now mother-in-law three mother.Liu xiaoyan married to Xirong village in 2002, full of dreams for his family.After marriage liu Xiaoyan virtuous, steady, open-minded, and her husband’s family get along very well, happy family everywhere is full of harmony, happiness.The arrival of two sons and two daughters added to the warmth of the happy family.In 2005, her father-in-law died of illness. During her father-in-law’s serious illness, Liu xiaoyan slept on a kang with her parents, dressed as a daughter, cleaning her body with feces and urine.Soon after, his father-in-law died, followed by the deaths of his four younger children, the oldest of whom was only nine years old, due to health reasons.In 2008, his healthy wife was diagnosed with gastric cancer during a physical examination, and lost the chance of surgical treatment. Instead, she had to rely on radiotherapy and chemotherapy for conservative treatment.For more than 40 days when his wife was seriously ill, Liu Xiaoyan sought medical treatment everywhere and spent many sleepless nights in tears. However, due to the lack of recovery, his wife died with her infinite attachment to her.After the death of his wife, liu Xiaoyan silently shed tears in the face of her old mother-in-law who lost her son.Everyone advised her to remarry while she was young, and what she thought most was how to fulfill the unfinished filial piety for her lover.Weigh repeatedly, she gave up the idea of remarriage, step down to serve the former mother-in-law.The former mother-in-law could not bear the child’s suffering and repeatedly advised her to remarry.She said to her ex-mother-in-law, “Mom, I’m not leaving you.Even if I do, I’ll take you with me.Otherwise I will always be by your side “.In 2012, she and now her husband Gao Jincang met, her husband is dongrong village, two homes not far apart, he is willing to share the burden of life for XiaoHiko.After a period of contact, the two married.Before marriage, she and her husband agreed to take her mother-in-law to get married.After marriage, Liu Xiaoyan moved his family to the former mother-in-law’s house and lived together with her former mother-in-law, serving her former mother-in-law to old age.Shortly after marriage, one morning before her mother-in-law told Liu Xiaoyan he had a pimple on the back, Liu Xiaoyan simply help her mother-in-law check it out, see the situation is very serious quickly took her mother-in-law to the hospital.On checking the doctor suggested surgery, surgery means spending, father-in-law, her ex-husband, a few children have died, home already empty, all the relatives and friends also had to borrow to borrow again, the feeling be nasty under Liu Xiaoyan thought he just married and now husband, there are thousands of dollars of bride price money in hand, to discuss with her husband to do a little later, Liu Xiaoyan take bride price money to pay the deposit in hospital,I rushed my ex-mother-in-law into surgery.The Chinese New Year festival is liu Xiaoyan’s busiest time, she knows this time, is the former mother-in-law most need people to accompany.Since 2012, and now her husband after marriage, Mid-Autumn festival every year and especially New Year’s eve, Liu Xiaoyan which don’t go to, is to home in on former mother-in-law, Liu Xiaoyan said: “New Year’s day is a holiday, the families of the children all be home, the more this time, the more I where also can’t go, don’t let her mother-in-law home alone sad”.Liu xiaoyan’s father and now father-in-law both passed away, leaving only three elderly mothers.Liu Xiaoyan treats the three mothers equally, does not divide each other, in the busy livelihood rush about but also takes out the time to look after the three old people, even buys the clothes at ordinary times is to buy three sets.And myself, these years did not buy a decent clothes, did not buy a decent set of cosmetics, always save money for filial piety to the elderly.Life gave Liu Xiaoyan too many blows, but Liu Xiaoyan also felt that he was lucky, “because I have three mothers, can have three mothers pain, for three mothers filial piety, this is my blessing.”(Civilization Hebei)