Looking back to 2021, shandong Provincial Third Hospital is full of highlights, creating a new situation of high-quality development

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu One Point reporter Wang Xiaomeng Correspondent Cao Kun Liu Xueming off the extraordinary 2021, ushered in the sail set sail in 2022!The third Hospital of Shandong Province breeds new opportunities in the crisis and creates new bureau in the changing situation. With the spirit of never slack off and the attitude of indomitable struggle, all the work has borne numerous fruits and laid a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the hospital.1, solid “I does the practical work for the masses” practice activities, won the social reputation and that the school party committee earnestly implement the “learning history understanding, learning history of credit, learn chong-de shi, dynamics” general requirements, adhere to the “I does the practical work for the masses” practice as an important carrier, inspection party history learning education result is focused on the masses “distress sorrow to” go to a doctor, heart, with love, exert oneself to do STHFor the masses to do practical things, do good things, solve problems, carried out a series of mass collective activities such as “celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party member doctors public service trip”, “Retrace the Long March road”, experience and practices were approved by the provincial Health Commission and made a typical speech in the provincial health system.In July 2021, the Third Hospital of Shandong Province successfully completed the election of the New Party Committee and commission for Discipline inspection.The new party Committee of the hospital has firmly established the “four consciousness”, strengthened the “four confidence”, and achieved the “two maintenance”. Facing the new situation and new challenges, it has never forgotten its original aspiration and kept its mission firmly in mind, actively performed its duties, and had the courage to take responsibility, providing a strong organizational guarantee for the high-quality development of the hospital.3, pass the level of first-class comprehensive hospital reexamination, open the development of new high quality journey in April 2021, the level of shandong province hospital review working group for provincial hospital level review site evaluation, the research on “quality, safety, service, efficiency” and so on has carried on the multi-level, systematic and comprehensive assessment, through field site assessment, evaluation, successfully passed the three hospitalGrade A general hospital reexamination.The hospital will take this evaluation as an opportunity, take the problem as the guidance, adhere to continuous improvement, continue to strengthen connotation construction, guarantee medical quality and safety, and provide people with better quality, efficient and satisfactory medical services.4, 4000 kilometers across, write a new chapter in shandong province in the ninth national unity of Tibetan cadres center management group, under the guidance of the health committee of shandong province as a whole, set up the third hospital in shandong province as the project undertaking unit, careful planning, transferred capable force, to provide professional, precise and efficient medical services, the successful completion of “lu members who were healthy dream– Public welfare Treatment Project for Children with congenital heart disease in Xigaze in 2021 “,13 children with congenital heart disease successfully recovered and regained life.Over the years, the hospital has given full play to its responsibilities and responsibilities as a provincial public third-class a hospital, and has achieved a qualified answer sheet for poverty alleviation with a down-to-earth spirit and pragmatic style, and has been awarded the merit record for poverty alleviation work by the Provincial Health Commission.5, activation engine, stimulate creativity, two-wheel driven promote hospital core competitiveness and subject construction of qualified personnel in 2021 released on the “difference” shandong provincial third hospital discipline construction development planning “, the elite at the hospital, all the personnel list and hospital clinical key specialty and clinical characteristics of specialized subject, outline the development of new “difference” disciplineBlueprint, established a new talent training strategy.The new measures will create a vivid situation of “everyone can become a talented person and give full play to their talents” and inject strong impetus into the high-quality development of the hospital.After becoming the affiliated hospital of Shandong University, Jinan Clinical College of Binzhou Medical College was also inaugurated in the Third Hospital of Shandong Province.The hospital will take this opportunity to strengthen the sense of responsibility, take the initiative to take responsibility, and continuously consolidate the teaching foundation and talent team.To meet the requirements of the university, improve teaching quality, promote medical treatment, teaching, talent training and other work to a new level, and create a clinical teaching brand with the characteristics of the three provincial hospitals.In April 2021, the renovation and upgrading of the outpatient building will be completed and the hospital will be officially unveiled.A day surgery center and a one-stop endoscopic diagnosis and treatment center have been set up to establish a disease-centered outpatient diagnosis and treatment model.The brand-new layout and facilities create a more comfortable, beautiful, warm and convenient medical environment for patients.Every link of medical treatment and every service detail is “comprehensively upgraded” to facilitate patients’ medical treatment and examination and greatly improve medical efficiency.8, a great undertaking in 2021, the first in the province medical combination skills (recovery) competition, won the group first prize in December, 2021, sponsored by the health committee of shandong province, shandong province federation of trade unions, the province health medical care for the health, the medical trade unions, shandong provincial hospital to undertake the first 3 provincial medical a combined skill contest finals ended in jinan (recovery).With the theme of “fine technology, Innovation and Transcendence”, the competition is not only a display of the professional ability of rehabilitation workers, but also a comprehensive display of the good spirit of rehabilitation technicians. A total of 208 members of 52 teams from shandong province participated in the competition, and the Third Hospital of Shandong Province won the first prize.9, “hospital” version 3.0 of the Internet continues to improve, to achieve academic tripartite confrontation in October 2021, sponsored by the society in shandong province, shandong provincial third hospital to undertake “3-6 Internet + established pharmaceutical care professional committee of congress and the first academic conference and slow disease management and practice of pharmaceutical care and the innovation seminar of” held successfully.This is another measure taken by the third Hospital of Guangdong Province after the establishment of provincial Internet + medical and Internet + nursing academic groups led by the third Hospital of Guangdong Province. It marks the continuous improvement of the “version 3.0 Internet Hospital” of the third Hospital of Guangdong Province and the realization of the tripartite academic standing.At the same time, the hospital also successfully undertook the “second Shandong Province Digital Health and Medical Innovation Competition” and won two first prizes.In 2021, the Department of Critical Care Medicine of the Third Provincial Hospital of Shandong Province was awarded the title of “National May Day Female Model post”, fully demonstrating the spirit of civility, harmony, friendship, unity and progress of the new generation of “angels in white”.