What is the basketball walk, here is a detailed explanation

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Basketball walking, as the name implies, is when you catch the basketball and take three or more consecutive steps with the ball, during which time you do not hit the basketball, it is regarded as basketball walking, but there are different basketball steps in different scenarios, in terms of penalty.First, the most common basketball walking is forget take basketball dribbling, sometimes some of the professional basketball player made a similar mistake, but in the back, under the condition of the other players and my teammates have been after halftime, the referee’s attention at players dribbling, so in this case, the occasional false negatives.Actually one of the most common when the ball is walking on the offensive, if encountered opponents of a strong defense, to prevent someone steals, reduce the number of bounce the ball, held the ball in his arms, even if happen for that two player caught the ball walking together at the same time, in this case, it is also hard to refereeing decisions will let players to jump ball, to determine the ownership of basketball.Second, the so-called three layups, is actually a two step layup, when Wallace at the beginning of the third step is physically in the air, so when sprint two steps with the ball has already started to jump, but some players do not have good jump distance, also some interference by your competitors so that the blue failure, in this case also can appear the ball walking, if unfortunately player in this case,Will still have to get the ball into, then the decision will appear when the dispute, is sentenced to walking or sentenced to down the defensive foul, because of two very different results, sentenced to foul is likely to get 2 + 1, if found guilty of the ball walking not only lose scores will also give the ball to the other players, so many coaches will stand out and the referee made representations at a time like this.Third, there are three seconds offense and five seconds holding the ball in the restricted area, so even if holding the ball without walking, it is necessary to beat the ball within the specified time, especially when the inside player is under the basket, he not only has to play with the defensive player on his back, but also faces double teams. If he dribbles improperly, he may be tackled by the opponent.