A 1-1 game made the serie A title race hot, milan benefited from the air, win the top

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Inter milan’s serie A clash with Napoli took place in the 25th round of serie A on Sunday.Inter have had a similar season, reaching the knockout stages of the Champions League, winning the Italian super cup, reaching the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia and topping the league.Although inter are doing well on all fronts, their position at the top of the league is not secure as the gap between them and napoli and AC Milan is narrow.In the last round, Inter conceded three crucial points to AC Milan after scoring the first goal.This time inter came up against title challengers Napoli and managed only a draw.Inzaghi played in a 352 formation.Handanovic as the starting goalkeeper.Di Marco, deverry and Skrinyal play in the back three.Perisic, Ciarhanoglu, Brozovic, varela and Dumfries form a midfield of five.Lautaro – Martinez and Dzeko double forward play.Sanchez, Caecedo, galliardini, Damian and Vidal are on the bench.The game began after the home battle of Naples played very sharp, constantly launched attacks, shooting opportunities continue to appear.Among them, insigne rely on penalties for Naples to take the lead.And Napoli’s movement war shots are not very reliable, failed to expand the score.Inter were 1 goal down at half-time.Inter had 48 per cent possession in the first half and failed to score with just three shots, one on target.Napoli had only one of eight shots on target in the first half, earning a precious goal from the penalty spot.Inter equalised in the second half, with edin Dzeko scoring.Both sides softened up a bit after the goal.For both of these teams, they probably thought losing was unacceptable and deserved at least a draw, with the rest of the game creating fewer chances.Insigne’s shot was confiscated by the goalkeeper and Varela’s overhead kick was wide.The final score was settled at 1-1 and the two sides held hands.The result has made the race for the title even more white-hot.Milan benefited from the distance and went top by winning the next game.At present, Inter are at the top of the table with 54 points, Napoli are in second place with 53 points, AC Milan are in third place with 52 points, the top of the table could change hands in a minute, too fierce.For more exciting content, follow football Dog