No one had thought of the consequences

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This is a true story, remember that there is a call ZhangYuLiang I village, chapter YuFu he has a brother, a good relationship with me this YuFu, jade bright six, he is not tall, that is, one meter is paranoid, at the time of our village is where we the one of the richest village, eight miles in the girls all want to marry to us, so it is easy to find objectsSay not nice to say is slanting melon face can find daughter-in-law jujube, we all live in the city, is the vegetable farmers through introduce matchmaker jade bright found a WaiCunRen this two miles from us, her name is Xia Shuying this kannika nimtragol, very capable, wind in the rain day in underground ground to do farm work, the villagers all kua jade bright found a very good daughter-in-law, are very envy!Yu Liang in the power plant when temporary income is passable, he does extra money, she does farm work everything logically to live a prosperous life!Five years of marriage also didn’t see they have a baby, this five years, to see the doctor, take medicine to folk prescription is not see belly up, this is the jade bright anxious that bad, is to go to the hospital a check jade bright problem has nothing to do with her daughter-in-law, can’t two people discuss after took the a girl, and at the end of three years suddenly one day Xia Shuying necessarily pregnant, the news spread all know the village,All talk that Xia Shuying to Zhang Yuliang cuckold, Zhang Yuliang dare not see people, take to the streets can not afford to lift the head, go home to ask tree Ying this child is who!Tree Ying in the helpless situation said the truth, it turned out that she spent 500 dollars to find her village xiaoming happy in her home village for a few days, mainly for their own children, its purpose is to borrow a plant, no other ideas!Yu Liang after listen to scold daughter-in-law, began to beat the daughter-in-law, two people make a bee, Yu Liang said never forgive!After court mediation or divorce, Shuying took the child back home, Shuying is really poor, the house is not her, although the house is built by them, but it is to turn the house, the property certificate is father-in-law, she did not have anything!After divorce, yu Liang did not know why two years later he was crazy, now is his brother to feed him, really poor ah!There is a famous person said: the poor people must be hateful is talking about them?Do they deserve our sympathy?Please use your rich hand to praise + attention thank you!