Qinghai exposed typical cases in the field of drug safety

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15, reporters learned from the people’s procuratorate of qinghai province, the province last year were 77 cases of drug safety field public interest litigation, which deal with sales with 7 cases of fake medicines and medicines of inferior quality, unqualified illegal sales of prescription drugs, medical apparatus and instruments, and other 70 cases of drug safety field, procuratorial advice 31, in accordance with the law can solve the problem of drug safety areas cause damage,We will ensure the safety of drug use for the people.In April 2021, the People’s Procuratorate of Xinghai County, Hainan Prefecture found problems such as irregularities in reagent transport, incomplete cold chain records, and failure to record and store drugs as required in the COUNTY’s CDC while performing its duties, which may damage the national and social public interests.The hospital immediately issued inspection suggestions to relevant administrative departments, which attached great importance to them and organized special personnel to carry out special inspections for 4 times and market inspections for 7 times. At present, the problems existing in the CDC have been rectified.In September of the same year, the People’s Procuratorate of Golmu city, Haixi state, found that some medical institutions under its jurisdiction did not store drugs and devices in accordance with the law, and the management system of vaccines and devices was not perfect, which infringed the national and social public interests.After the hospital issued the procuratorial suggestion to the relevant administrative competent department, the department issued a Notice of Order to correct the medical institutions with non-standard business behavior, criticized and educated the heads of the relevant units, and urged the relevant medical institutions to complete the rectification in a timely manner, and focused on solving the problem of damage to the public welfare of drugs and medical devices.In April 2021, Kang Xx Pharmaceutical Materials Co., LTD., Yushu City, Yushu Prefecture, conducted illegal business activities without health certificate, pharmacist qualification certificate, food business license and drug business license, which damaged social and public interests.In view of the above problems, the city procuratorate issued procuratorial suggestions to relevant administrative departments, focusing on solving the problem of public welfare damage caused by unlicensed business.The problem of damage to public welfare caused by the sale of fake drugs has also been solved.In June 2020, Tie Xx from Menyuan County, Haibei Prefecture, without obtaining the drug sales qualification, purchased the drug “Ginseng antler Sanshen pills” from the Internet and sold 26 boxes in 22 times on her wechat platform, with a total price of 3,995 yuan.In July of the same year, the market supervision administration bureau of this county investigated and dealt with Tie xx’s suspected illegal business and sales of fake drugs, and seized 6 boxes of unsold “Ginseng Antler Sanshen pills”, which were identified as fake drugs after identification.Menyuan County procuratorate to Tie xx suspected of illegal sales of counterfeit drugs criminal collateral civil public interest litigation, after the county court trial, ordered Tie XX to pay 11985 yuan punitive damages.People are watching to see if you believe it?Late at night, more than 300 cars were stopped by snow in Qinghai…Xining sword points to a new target…Xining Evening News reporter: clear sky editor: Li Caijuan