Shuangyashan Branch of AGRICULTURAL Development Bank and Baoqing County People’s Government signed a special cooperation agreement on the comprehensive implementation of rural revitalization strategy

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Recently, Shuangyashan Branch of Agricultural Development Bank and Baoqing County people’s Government signed the “comprehensive implementation of rural revitalization strategy special cooperation agreement”.Principal of Shuangyashan Branch of AGRICULTURAL Development Bank, Secretary of Baoqing County Party Committee, Standing Committee of Baoqing County Party Committee and executive deputy county magistrate attended the ceremony.According to the agreement, during the “14th Five-year Plan”, Shuangyashan Branch of AGRICULTURAL Development Bank will give full play to the advantages of policy finance, further combine baoqing county’s characteristic resources, characteristic industries and location advantages, and focus on helping Baoqing County Party Committee and county government to promote high-quality transformation development.We will play the main and backbone role of agricultural policy banks in serving national food security, consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation efforts and effectively linking them with rural vitalization, promoting the prosperity of rural industries, and making rural ecology more livable.It is understood that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, shuangyashan Branch of AGRICULTURAL Development Bank has invested a total of 14.8 billion yuan in loans to Baoqing County.The bank keep in mind the service “three agriculture”, boost the local economy and social development of mission, his mind take rural comprehensive revitalization of the host bear the liability of the bank, to build “food bank” “land bank” “water bank” “green bank” as the breakthrough point and the foothold, give full play to the functions of policy finance, to ensure the safety of local food, support enterprises to return to work and production,We made solid efforts to provide services for ensuring social security, environmental protection, and rural stability, and actively supported rural development.Supported baoqing County road PPP project, approved the loan of 400 million yuan, the total loan of 77.5411 million yuan;Fully support small micro enterprise development, launched the “three a steady in place” execution of work (i.e., the marketing fast, quick survey, payment fast, risk control, follow up in place), improve service quality, the construction of high-quality customer base, among them, the baoqing geographical indications characteristic industry “big white board seeds” “baoqing red adzuki bean” the small micro enterprise accumulated on the loans of 72.6 million yuan.Before signing the agreement, Shuangyashan Branch of AGRICULTURAL Development Bank and Baoqing County People’s Government held a strategic cooperation seminar on rural revitalization.During the meeting, the two sides surrounding soil in cold chain logistics, protection, high standard farmland and water conservancy infrastructure, etc, to carry out the discussion exchange, the bank branches of industry in heilongjiang province in the customer’s fine about the national strategy, the bank service to support the development of the “three rural” policy, focusing on credit products features, support pattern, service mode in detail,He also expressed his firm determination to do a good job in financing and financing for local governments.Going forward, the two sides will further build consensus, cooperate sincerely and complement each other’s advantages. Through deepening cooperation and exchanges, the two sides will accelerate the implementation of key tasks of rural revitalization, lay a solid foundation for baoqing county’s high-quality economic and social development, and jointly write a new chapter of rural revitalization as “Tianfu County”.Statement: Xinhua Finance is a national financial information platform contracted by Xinhua News Agency.Under no circumstances does the information published on this platform constitute investment advice.