A college in Wenzhou has launched an online interview room for postgraduate entrance examination

2022-05-22 0 By

“I was worried about the venue for the second interview, but I didn’t expect the school to provide such a good environment for the second interview!””There are also free clothing and professional etiquette instructions.”Walking out of the online interview room, students of Wenzhou Medical University said it felt like “home”.Recently, Wenzhou Medical University has set up “my dressing room”, “my dressing room”, “my consulting room”, “my guidance room” and “my interview room” on the campus to provide students with etiquette counseling, re-examination consultation and other “one-stop” heart-warming services for free.According to the report, Wenzhou Medical University attaches great importance to the guidance services for students to take the postgraduate entrance examination. Besides carrying out a series of services such as “Master’s entrance examination Bible”, “Master’s entrance examination hug group” and “master’s entrance examination bus”, it also carries out personalized counseling, group counseling, online lectures and offline guidance for students to help them grow into talents.In 2021, the university’s undergraduate enrollment rate was 46.23%, ranking first among undergraduate institutions in Zhejiang Province.High extension for the figure