Breathtaking!Incident xiamen street, the woman was under the car!They lifted the car together to rescue it

2022-05-22 0 By

Four men worked together to lift the overturned tricycle.A woman on a tricycle looks down at her phone and the car veers off course. The wheel hits the kerb, and the car loses control and rolls over, pinning the woman under the tricycle.Fortunately, the surrounding masses and passing drivers have extended a helping hand, combined force will lift the tricycle, rescued the woman.The heart-warming scene took place in tongmei Community, Min ‘an Street, Xiang ‘an District, around 11 am yesterday.The first person to rush to the rescue was Li Weiting, 32, the owner of a nearby grocery store and a member of the village protection team of Tongmei Community.He told reporters that he had just got up to brush his teeth when he heard someone Shouting “Help, help” in Hokkien.He hurriedly put down his toothbrush and dashed out of the door.As he looked, a woman was pinned by an overturned tricycle, unable to move.”I rushed to lift it, but it was too heavy to lift by one person.”Li Weiting said that at that moment, a car stopped by the roadside, the car out of two men, plus a man riding an electric bike, four people together to lift the tricycle, the woman rescued.Fortunately, the woman was ok, except for bruises on her legs.Subsequently, Li Weiting took the woman to his shop to drink a cup of tea, pressure.The woman was grateful to everyone for their kindness.She blamed herself for the accident when she looked down at her phone and swerved off course.(Xiamen Evening News reporter Dai Shujing)