Driving with these five habits is definitely a master!You’ll be very good if you get three!Quick look at

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As we all know, there are a lot of drivers in China who have a driver’s license. Presumably, college students and drivers are the most common ones. It is very easy to have a driving license, but it is very difficult to be a qualified driver.We drive on the road is the purpose of safety, only to ensure the premise of safety, is the key to driving on the road.In our driving process, many small details will not be eye-catching, these small details are the reason why many old drivers are skilled, generally master drivers have these characteristics, as long as you can account for three has been very good.A, overtaking enough precise enough malicious enough steady, many just got the driver’s license or a long time without driving the vehicle driver, in the front of the car is afraid to overtake, afraid of hitting other people’s vehicles.In fact, overtaking is not terrible, as long as we can overtake on the basis of ensuring safety, generally old drivers will observe the situation of the surrounding vehicles before overtaking, and then control the appropriate speed, not ambiguous directly over, so that not only fast and very stable.Second, when stepping on the brakes, I will observe the rear situation in the rearview mirror, master the safe distance between the rear car and our vehicle, and avoid the rear-end collision caused by the fast speed of the rear car.Can also ensure that we in the uphill section of the red light when the vehicle slip accidents, is simply kill two birds with one stone.When stepping on the brakes, try not to directly step on the brakes. When the distance from the parking place is still about 100 meters, the appropriate light brake prompt rear vehicles to keep a safe distance, in order to prevent accidents.Three, in the traffic light intersection yellow light is the choice or?I believe that many drivers will be directly accelerated to rush past, and the practice of expert drivers is to stop and wait for the next green light in the walk.Because the yellow light is easy to cause accidents, some pedestrians have already done something when the yellow light is displayed. At this time, you may pass by at a fast speed, and the red light on the other side has jumped the green light when you are just driving in the middle of the road. Some pedestrians and drivers will not pay attention to serious traffic accidents.Four, in the road there are only two ways is a left turn and a straight road is a right turn, the intersection of the traffic lights and generally straight left lights are not green at the same time, then we need to turn left but there is a need to go straight behind the vehicle how to do?Expert old drivers will put on the left-turn light at about 50 meters from the intersection to remind the rear vehicles that I need to turn left, then slow down the speed, so that the rear vehicles have enough time to pass.Five, this is fuel-efficient skills essential to master the old driver, in we in the road ahead if you see the green light just turn at a red light, observe the rear vehicle condition, determine the security situation no longer throttle, old slide the driver will loose the throttle to vehicles in the past, old driver said brake is one of the most fuel, this technique can help you save a lot of oil.There is a hot summer in the best not to fill up the tank, high temperature will make oil thermal expansion, keep half a tank of oil in the tank will improve fuel economy.