Hebei, Yunnan, Hainan announced: suspension!

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A number of places have issued notices for Spring Festival tourism activities, suspending the operation of inter-provincial group Tours and “air tickets + hotels” by travel agencies and online tourism companies in the province.At present, there are medium-risk areas in Hebei Province. In accordance with the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Further Strengthening inter-provincial Tourism Management in Response to COVID-19,From now on, travel agencies and online tourism enterprises will suspend inter-provincial group travel and “air ticket + hotel” business (including outbound travel and inbound travel to Hebei), and relevant business will resume after the removal of medium-high risk areas.The headquarters of the Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Infection in Mengla County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture issued a notice that the market town area of Mengman Town in Mengla County has been adjusted as a medium-risk area starting from January 26, 2022.In accordance with the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Actively Responding to COVID-19 and Further Strengthening Inter-provincial Tourism Management (CTLP (2021) No. 214) issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Yunnan Province has suspended inter-provincial tourism activities with effect from now on. Relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:Immediately implement suspension measures Immediately suspend provincial travel agencies and online tourism enterprises from operating inter-provincial group Tours, “air ticket + hotel” business and special travel train business.Inter-provincial tourism activities will be resumed when there are no medium-high risk areas in the province (inter-provincial group tourism and “air ticket + hotel” business will continue to be suspended in 19 counties and cities of land border ports in the province until March 15, 2022).Travel agencies and online tourism enterprises should properly handle the adjustment of tourists’ itinerary, withdrawal of tour groups and refund of fees in accordance with the law, strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic among group tourists on the way, and strengthen the health monitoring and safety management of tourists.Cultural and tourism administrative departments at all levels of the province should urge travel agencies and online tourism enterprises to strictly implement the requirements for the suspension of inter-provincial tourism.In 2022 Spring Festival is coming, according to the provincial epidemic prevention and control work deployment, cultural tourism industry in the province a-class tourist scenic spot, hotel, public libraries, museums, cultural center (station), art galleries, theatres, entertainment, Internet service sites and other places of cultural and tourism to strictly carry out the inspection health code, measuring temperature, prevention and control measures such as wearing masks,Strengthen health management, strengthen ventilation and disinfection, implement health monitoring and management of employees.Strictly control the examination and approval of performance activities in accordance with the principle of not holding performance activities unless necessary.The 2022 Spring Festival holiday is just around the corner, and Hainan will see a tourism boom.Hainan’s tourism and culture system will take multiple measures to ensure regular epidemic prevention and control and comprehensive market supervision, and make every effort to ensure residents and tourists have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Hainan will further improve its regular epidemic prevention and control mechanism, comprehensively prevent imported cases and rebound at home, re-check loopholes in epidemic prevention and control, strengthen prevention and control priorities, and implement prevention and control requirements.Travel agencies and online travel companies will strictly follow relevant requirements to carry out epidemic prevention and control work in tourist attraction, organization and reception.It is not allowed to operate entry-exit group tourism and “air ticket + hotel” business, and it is not allowed to change in any form.Hainan will also strictly implement the “circuit breaker” mechanism for the management of inter-provincial tourism business activities. For provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) with medium-high risk areas, relevant travel agencies and online tourism enterprises will immediately suspend inter-provincial group Tours and “air ticket + hotel” business, and make it known to the public as soon as possible.In accordance with the general requirements of “limited number, reservation and staggered peak”, the tourist attractions will set a reasonable upper limit of tourist reception and implement the real-name ticket reservation system to ensure that tourist information can be inquired and tracked.Strict implementation of visitors to the park code scanning registration, temperature measurement, standard wear masks and other requirements.Hotel, home theater, museums, public library, cultural center (station), art galleries, a-class tourist scenic spot of indoor Spaces, and places of entertainment, the space is relatively closed place such as Internet service places will do A better job of disease prevention and control, strengthening the management of health and air disinfection, to enter the site personnel to strictly implement the prevention and control measures.In terms of comprehensive market supervision, according to the unified deployment of hainan Province’s leading group for comprehensive regulation of tourism market, Hainan Tourism and Cultural Department will strengthen linkage and cooperation with market supervision, public security, transportation and other departments, actively carry out pre-holiday supervision preparations, and achieve early mobilization, early deployment, and early action.At the same time, relevant functional departments will organize and carry out special rectification actions of tourism market order according to the characteristics of the tourism market during the Spring Festival holiday, focusing on key regions, key links and key problems. They will carry out dragnet inspections in hotels, scenic spots, shopping places and other key tourist areas to effectively eliminate potential safety hazards.Do a good job in tourist attractions and scenic spots passenger ropeway, large amusement facilities, elevators and other special equipment safety supervision, strictly prevent the occurrence of major tourism safety accidents;We will seriously investigate and punish illegal activities such as “unreasonable low-price tourism” and illegal operation of travel agency business, and continue to maintain a high-pressure situation in the tourism market to make the holiday tourism culture market more stable and orderly.As the 2022 Spring Festival holiday approaches, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has reminded tourists to take good health precautions and enhance safety awareness.One, reasonable arrangements for travel.Learn about the latest epidemic prevention and control policies of the origin and destination in advance, check the opening of tourist attractions and ticket reservation measures in advance, and plan travel routes and dates appropriately.Try to avoid popular scenic spots and peak travel hours, and do not travel to medium and high-risk areas.Avoid going to areas that are not open to tourists and ensure personal and property safety.Encourage the purchase of accident insurance, master the necessary first aid knowledge, prepare necessary common medicines.Second, health protection.Abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, wear masks, wash hands frequently, gather less, and develop the good habit of “one meter noodle”.Keep distance with other tourists when visiting, avoid crowding, reduce touching public parts, and do not touch mouth, nose and eyes.Cough, sneeze, pay attention to cover with elbow or tissue, do not spit everywhere.Stop visiting and seek medical advice in case of cold, fever and other symptoms.Third, enhance safety awareness.Winter travel, do a good job of cold and warm work.When participating in skating, skiing, mountaineering, hiking, exploring and other activities, do what you can according to your own health condition and under the guidance of professionals. Do not do anything that may endanger the safety of yourself and others.Net red attractions, to comply with the public order and good customs and laws and regulations, not capricious, always put safety first.Four, pay attention to fire safety.When entering scenic spots, museums, cultural relics protection units and other places to visit, strictly abide by the fire safety management regulations.When staying in hotels and restaurants, know fire escape routes, do not throw cigarette butts, do not lie on the sofa, do not smoke on the bed.When traveling outdoors, pay attention to fire prevention and avoid disaster. Do not smoke, barbecue or use open fire in places where there are many weeds, leaves and other inflammable objects gathering or where there are fire warning.Fifth, pay attention to traffic safety.Do not carry prohibited items on public transportation. Fasten your safety belt while driving. Know the use of safety hammer, fire extinguisher and the location of escape doors and Windows in advance, and master the correct method of emergency escape.Self-drive travel to eliminate fatigue driving and drunk driving, control the speed, pay attention to prevent low temperature, rain and snow, freezing, cold wave, haze and other bad weather accident risk.Copyright Notice The original content published on this platform is copyrighted by China Foundation News. Reprinting without authorization is prohibited, otherwise, legal liability will be investigated.Contact person: Mr. Yu (Tel: 0755-82468670)