Love novel “dream a love like smoke” why everyone can not help but praise the author

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Chapter seven Rebirth blurred, Wen Qin heard someone calling her, one after another, anxious in full of worry.But it hurt so much. It hurt all over her.The pain made her curl up and let out a low whine.”Baby girl?””What do you eat?!Why hasn’t she woken up yet?Why do you keep crying pain?!”The voice was so familiar to her, she…Is this dying?Otherwise, how could that cold-blooded, heartless man have treated her so badly.”Baby girl…Don’t sleep, eh?”The temperature of the man’s hand came from his forehead, and he caressed himself with great care. His trembling fingers told her the uneasiness of his heart at this time.But……Treasure wench?That’s a…How old is it?He had not called her that since she had married Simuchen…Wen Qin heart sneer, arrived at this point, why must play so a?”What the hell is going on!Suddenly sounded a male voice let Wen Qin a zheng.She was hearing voices, she was hearing the voice of her dead brother…”Simuchen, I gave my sister to you for you to protect her!”That person pressure a body of anger, looking at lying in bed in a coma wench, the bottom of my heart a piece of anger, “this is the answer you give me?!”The elder brother…It was really her brother’s voice…She tried to open her eyes to see if it was true, but she could not, and her tears began to fall.(warm hint: the full text of the novel can be read by clicking the card at the end of the article) “Treasure wenqin girl -” always pay attention to simuchen heart suddenly a tight.’Don’t touch her!Wen Chu pulled simuchen away with a cold face!And after he saw wen Qin’s tears, his cold face suddenly froze.”Girl?”Wen Chu in a hurry to wipe the tears on her face, anxious a body is sweat: “how is this?What’s wrong with you?Don’t cry, wench don’t cry, you and elder brother say, elder brother give you master.””……”Wen Qin struggled to open her eyes and burst into tears when she saw her worried eyes.Her…I was born again.Reborn seven years ago.This year, she is 21 years old, she hasn’t married Simuchen yet, all of this hasn’t happened yet, she…Wen Chu quickly grasped her hand, “I’m here!What’s the matter?Have what thing to say with elder brother, don’t cry, guai, WE don’t cry.Did Simuchen bully you?Never mind, I’ll beat him for you later, ok?”Wen Qin does not know how this is, she does not know why the dead for a whole year of her brother will appear here, do not know why Simuchen will look much younger, she just want to leave now, she does not want to continue to stay in simuchen’s place.Wen Qin tightly holding Wen Chu, she cried out of breath, as if to one breath will bottom of my heart all injustice and unwilling to all cry out.This can give Wen Chu distressed bad, the voice followed a tremble: “girl, you don’t cry, you cry brother heart is almost broken, girl don’t cry oh.””…Go home…”Wen Qin said hoarsely, “I want…Go home…””Good good good, go home, elder brother this take you home, don’t cry, lovely.”Wen Chu hit a horizontal wen Qin picked up, got up to go.Simuchen stood up to stop her. “Precious girl –” Wen Chu protected Wen Qin tightly in her arms with cold eyes. “Simuchen, the matter between us is not over yet!Get out of the way!”Simu Chen’s line of sight locked in wen Chu’s arms wen Qin body, “Treasure girl, you see me good or not?If there’s anything you can tell me, I…”Wen Qin’s hand clenched on Wen Chu’s sleeve tightened slightly, and her voice was full of panic: “…Brother, let’s go, quick, get out of here, I don’t want him, I don’t want to see him again, let’s go home, go home –“Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!