On the age of the woman, winter less wear these 4 kinds of shoes, not show fat ugly is no grade

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As women age, it’s not as simple as looking more elegant and stylish in winter than their peers.In addition to paying attention to the coat, down jacket these main single product choice, but also to avoid shoes drag, and strive to collocation pick not wrong place.So what shoes are not suitable for older women?Let’s take a look this time.This winter, on the age of the woman, suggest to wear these 4 kinds of shoes less, not show fat ugly is no grade!Most of us are getting on in years and want to look stylish in winter, so when choosing shoes, we may try something that is designed and measured.But when choosing these shoes, avoid shoes that are too baggy or that drag too much.Long boots are mostly warm and fashionable, with simple and smooth boot shape, so you can enhance your own aura.But boots like the one above, with plush designs or too wide tubing, do not have the advantages of boots themselves, and can even drag down the grade of the style.If the elderly use it group combination of jeans or pants, minutes to give people boots to fall off the sense of sight, sloppy and not neat.In addition to thigh-high boots, there is another type of shoe that can cause procrastination: shoes that are overly designed and look like “mops.”These shoes may be eye-catching at first glance, but they shift the focus of the outfit to the lower half of the body, creating a sense of sloppy and sensationalism.We can’t deny the unique advantages of knee boots in winter, but for the elderly, the disadvantages of knee boots are far greater than the advantages.First of all, the length of over-the-knee boots is above the knee, which is very easy to divide the line of the leg, resulting in a compressed height.Secondly, over the knee boots are limited in collocation, either with small pants or with short skirts, or the use of missing clothes.In addition to the need for leg shape, it’s also easy to pull off a 50-50 look, like the one on the right.The use of some seasonal items in winter, can promote fashion sense to a certain extent, but shoes and boots are different from shirts, T-shirts, sandals that reveal most of the foot skin will only show a sense of disharmony, and not warm at all.As the left outfit shows, no matter how warm the top is, it will freeze your feet out on the street.There is also a kind of toe sandals or boots that show toes, in winter it is not recommended for the elderly.Most of these peep-toe boots are old-fashioned and can be a fashion disaster with socks, which are weird and rustic.Four, too heavy shoes and boots in the winter most of the coat is more thick and warm, such as sweaters, down jackets or coats, wear when we had better choose some with a sense of strength, as a whole and neat fashion shoes and boots style.Shoes like some chunky, old-fashioned styles will only drag down the grade of the outfit, while making the look bulky and fat.These shoes or boots would be hard to hide even on a slender fashion blogger.Five, suitable for the shoes and boots design of the elderly a pair of shoes that can promote the sense of dress money, help to show your own charm more comprehensively, like the elderly woman, can choose the following several.1, sneakers sneakers look simple, but there is no other single products of leisure and lightness, choose a pair of dad shoes, but also balance the thick sense of a variety of long coats, so that the collocation is more casual and fashionable.If the coat is dark, and the overall collocation is relatively simple, then it is recommended to try superimposed color elements of the father shoes, especially eye-catching.Black ankle boots made of leather fabric are not only practical and fashionable, but also more agile than many snow boots. In addition, the material is tough and the style is smooth, which also helps to stretch the length of the leg.As well as wearing straight pants, women in their 60s can try pleated skirts.3, color pointed shoes most shallow single shoes used by the shoe type are relatively long and beautiful, help to play a line of sight extension and modify the body type effect, and not how to pick people.Slim middle-aged and old people can use it to show the height and length of legs.If you have a problem with fat thighs or a fat midsection, opt for pointy flats that match your top or bag.4, grandma shoes grandma shoes have a certain height and easy to control, plus grandma shoes with pointed design, can also easily stretch legs, add elegant feminine dress.Granny shoes, which match the color of the trouser suit, help optimize the proportions.Conclusion: after the woman went on the age, the winter dress must not choose the wrong shoes, otherwise even if spend more idea, dress will also appear ugly or no grade!This article by tiger brother original, pictures are from the network, if any infringement please contact delete, if need to reprint please indicate the source, plagiarism will be prosecuted!# What to wear today ## Older women to wear