Another TVB star revealed she had a diagnosis!Got vaccinated, got it at a wedding abroad

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According to the latest report of Hong Kong media, Hong Kong famous film actress, TVB famous actress Xiwen Zhang recently revealed through social media that she had been diagnosed with COVID-19 when she went abroad to attend a friend’s wedding last year.But fortunately, it was only a slight infection, so after self-isolation, his condition also changed from Yang to Yin, which is also a blessing in misfortune.It is understood that Zhang Xiwen took a long leave of absence from Hong Kong to join her family at TVB’s expense last year.So she was diagnosed with the virus when she flew abroad to visit family.According to her own disclosure, she had done a hundred percent of the epidemic prevention measures during the period abroad, and also in accordance with the provisions of the two shots of vaccine, but finally infected unfortunately, she herself is quite confused.Perhaps at that time, considering that she was a public figure, and she did not want to make her fans and friends and relatives worried too much, Xiwen Zhang did not make her diagnosis public.With the news of Zhang Xiwen’s public diagnosis, the reporter also contacted her in the form of telephone in the first time.In a telephone interview, Zhang xiwen also revealed that she had taken quarantine measures immediately after being diagnosed with the virus.Her condition did not affect those around her because it was caught early.She went from Yang to negative after five days in isolation, and even she couldn’t believe it.So later, she also had nucleic acid tests several times, the results were negative.Therefore, it can be seen that Zhang Xiwen also formed antibodies in her body, and the virus healed itself in her body.At present, Zhang Xiwen has already finished her vacation. After 21 days of isolation, she has quietly started her new work.Earlier, she posted a series of pictures on social media of her long hair being cut short.The new look is also reserved for the new show breaking Drugs, which is currently in production.In the new play “Broken Drug Strong”, Zhang Xiwen will work with Chen Hao, Hu Dingxin, Xiao Zhengnan, Zhang Baoer, he Guangpei and others.She plays the female number two in the play, and Xiao Zhengnan will have a lot of counterscenes.This is also, Zhang Xiwen entered the line after many years of cooperation with Xiao Zhengnan for the first time, I do not know how two people will wipe out the spark is not the same?We also wait and see!Zhang Xiwen is in recent years, TVB high – level force hold one of the florets.In her early years, she joined TVB after winning the international Miss China beauty pageant.But at the beginning of her career, there was no shortage of female characters at TVB, so she was not favored by the top.It wasn’t until 2016’s Legally Strong that she made her mark, and then in 2018’s Jump Lifeline, that she was officially introduced to the world.Subsequently, Xiwen Zhang began to realize a leap, not only invited to participate in the “White Strong Man”, “Step on the world” and other large production series.At the same time, I also had the honor to work with Luo Ziyi in the small production “Wood Thorn Witness”, and acted as the heroine, and became a small flower.In addition, it is worth mentioning that Zhang Xiwen has been surrounded by a foreign rich boyfriend in recent years, and their feelings are very stable.Since last year, the two have been exposed for many times to be close to the rumor, but have been denied by Zhang Xiwen, because she claimed that in recent years will continue to focus on acting career.In the opinion of xiaobian, Zhang Xiwen does look quite distinctive and has a very special temperament.Maybe people who think she’s pretty think she’s pretty, and people who think she’s not, think she’s not.But in general, Zhang Xiwen’s acting is ok, the future can be expected.