Changsha road construction and maintenance center party committee group held party history study education thematic democratic life

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Rednet moment Changsha February 11 – (correspondent Xu Tao) On February 10, changsha Road Construction and Maintenance Center party committee team held 2021 party history study education special democratic life.Wang Benlou, head of the inspection group of the municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision in the Municipal Transportation Bureau, he Jie, the party Committee of the municipal Transportation Bureau, came to the meeting to guide and make comments.City road construction maintenance center party secretary, director Huan Canyong chaired the meeting and made a statement.Li Ming, Wan Jun and Chen Weibao, members of the CPC Central Committee, attended the meeting.Changsha road construction and maintenance center party committee team held party history study education thematic democratic life scene.At the meeting, Huan chanyong briefed the central Party committee team on the implementation of the rectification of the 2020 annual democratic life inspection and the members of the Central Party committee team on soliciting opinions and suggestions. He made a speech on behalf of the Central Party Committee and took the lead in making a personal inspection analysis speech.Other group members closely combined with the actual work and life, deeply find out their own problems and causes, check the speech one by one, carry out criticism and self-criticism.King, we point out that, in the democratic life meeting, municipal party committee organized group analyze ZhaBai highway construction maintenance center problems in place, analysis the reason, the purpose truly corrective actions, criticism and self-criticism, between team members face to face with problems, hit the nail on the head, don’t purposefully such online, no display, the comrades within the team suffered a serious the baptism of the party’s political life,The goal of meeting each other frankly, deepening understanding, helping each other and enhancing unity was realized, and the effect of “blushing and sweating” was effectively achieved.Combined with democratic life and party history study and education, he said the next step of the central Party committee will further find the causes of problems, pay attention to the rectification and implementation of problems, improve political ability, do a good job of follow-up work.Huan can is yong said, after the central party committee organized group will carry out the requirement of “strict” and “real”, a clear-cut stand about politics, resolutely do “two maintenance”, persistent learning and continuous reinforcement theory, set a good example to turn style, efforts to promote the work carries out, fulfill their duties do, strictly implement the main body responsibility, solid rectification, to actual effect, to compose a new chapter in changsha road.