Quick look!Latest news on high-speed rail stations during the 2022 Spring Festival Travel Rush

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The number of flights from Jiangyou to Zunyi (C9961) will be increased from February 3 to February 17.Cover cover: 1st January, 1st February, C6336 cover cover to Guangyuan; 1st January, cee to West Yibin west C5659 cover cover; 1st January, CEE to West Chengdu C5662 cover cover to east Chengdu ☟☟☟ Cover cover: please refer to the station announcement for details.If you have any questions, please call the railway customer service hotline at 028-12306.Welcome to follow the wechat public account “Chengdu Railway 12306” or download and use the “Smart Chengtie APP” to enjoy one-stop travel service, online query time, remaining tickets, train is late information.1. Pay attention to the places touched by many people on the train, do not touch, wash your hands frequently.If touched, do not rub eyes, nose, etc., please wash hands in time.2. Wear a mask at all times and do not take it off when sleeping.3. If you get on the train from the position corresponding to the carriage number, you can avoid long distance walking and close contact with others in the carriage.When queuing on the platform, you should also keep your distance from others.4. Do not smoke on the platform. You need to take off a mask to smoke, and the crowded platform will increase the risk of infection.No smoking on the platform, even if there is no epidemic.To learn more about Pingshan, download the popular online APP of Pingshan.Recruiting. Making friends. Planning.Promotion. Activities. Brand submission and cooperation: Phone and wechat: 15984475566 Click “Read the original text” to download pingshan online APP