There are several reasons why “The World” is not as good as “The Ordinary World” after six episodes?

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The large-scale period drama “The World” premiered on CCTV 1 on Jan 28. Although it has only been on the air for three days, it is still generating a lot of buzz.The drama, adapted from Liang Xiaosheng’s novel of the same name and directed by Li Lu, stars Lei Jiayin, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yin Tao and Zhang Kaili.The Story of The World began in the late 1970s, and has spanned four or five decades in recent years.The play tells the story of a zhou family in a northern provincial capital city.Thus, it shows the attitude and responsibility of ordinary people to love, affection, frustration, pursuit, pain, joy, daily life and huge social changes.The drama topped the TV ratings chart on its first day and was a hot successor to The Beginning, making it midday Sunshine’s next holiday gift to viewers in 2022.But after six episodes, there aren’t many surprises beyond a series of familiar faces.It’s even a little embarrassing in a lot of ways, and a far cry from another period drama, The Ordinary World!In the first episode of the TV series, several young actors say they are small, but in fact they are not small. In addition to the actor who plays Zhou Rong, he looks a little young, and the other actors are all big boys in their 20s.It goes with the age of the show.But the parents look too old, 50 years up the visual sense, but acceptable.But a set is not over, the time is only separated by three years, immediately changed the actor, this is I did not think of, if so, it is better to use them to play at the beginning, after all, also not bad that half set.The actors replaced were Lei Jiayin as Zhou Bingkun, Xin Baiqing as Zhou Bingyi, Song Jia as Zhou Rong and Wang Yang as CAI Xiaoguang.They are all good actors that we like.But acting is not appropriate, no matter how can not play the youth of more than 20 years old.Take Lei Jiayin, for example. His character is supposed to be twenty-two years old when he comes on, but his face clearly has a middle-aged sense of change.There is Also Wang Yang, who plays CAI Xiaoguang, a young man of 24 or 25, who has the senility of middle-aged people mixing work.This can not blame the actors, can only say that the crew did not have confidence, afraid of the front of the lengthy narrative can not retain the audience, so they rushed to launch these Mesozoic good actors, after all, they are ratings guarantee.”Ordinary World” is also an actor to use to the end, why there is no such a sense of conflict?Which brings us to the casting of the director.Neither Wang Lei, who plays Sun Shaoping, nor Yuan Hong, nor even Tong Liya, who plays Tian Runye, were particularly old when they were cast in ordinary World.Another reason is that their body management is very good, wang Lei and Yuan Hong at that time are very thin, a person’s body directly affects the sense of age, and their thin and thin also conforms to the state of the rural people in northern Shaanxi in the difficult living environment of food and clothing.So they played the youth sun Shaoan, the youth sun Shaoping will not let people out of the play.The stars of “The World” are so old that they wouldn’t have such a problem if they showed up when their characters reached 30+.The drama takes place in the capital city of a province in northeast China, and the city in the play is called “Jichun City”, which is obviously Changchun city in Jilin Province, and the so-called “light word piece” was also uncovered by netizens as the Guangfu Road area of Changchun city.In fact, these are very important, that is to show that the Zhou family should be authentic northeast people.The actors in the play are basically original, which is also very commendable, but when watching the play, there is a sense of confusion, a good northeast family, the accent is mixed with a variety of local flavor.Xin Baiqing and lover in the play are standard Mandarin, this can be accepted, after all, the popularity of mandarin in the provincial capital city is relatively high, to the northeast flavor is not too much.But huang Xiaolei, who plays Qiao Chunyan, has a sichuan accent, and Ding Yongdai, who plays Zhou Fu, has a tianjin accent that is too obvious to ignore.Liaoning lei Jiayin’s northeast taste is obviously in his career in the north and south of the slowly assimilation, the third set of a word and a drop of the taste of northern Shaanxi, there is a “White Deer plain” in lu Zhaopeng chaos into the feeling.Look at “ordinary world” inside the dialect is northern Shaanxi flavor, for most of the audience to understand, the dialect is not too much, is northern Shaanxi Mandarin.Many of the actors in the show are also from northwest China, and they have a better command of the language.The lines in this play are sometimes very let a person out of the play, suspected to be “breakout” with partial, oral lines emerge in endlessly, pretentious type of emotion into throughout.From Ding Daiyong (zhou Fu actor) to zhang Kaili’s preaching + bitter drama, think this play is too sensational!But now only saw six episodes, perhaps wonderful are behind, this is just chasing drama on the road of small emotion!