University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) VS Sichuan University, except for medicine and number of students, UESTC basically “beat”

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University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Sichuan University are both very famous schools in Chengdu. For many years, these two schools have been competing for the title of “The first brother in Chengdu”.Who can represent Chengdu?About this question, many people have their own answer in mind, the two schools, compared in all aspects, have their own advantages and disadvantages, it is very rare to distinguish between the high and low.First of all, In terms of size, Sichuan University is superior. Sichuan University has about 70,000 students, and its huge campus and many apartment buildings are the main reasons for its ability to recruit so many students.While the quality of teaching is similar, Sichuan University is able to enroll more students and has a significant advantage in scale.Sichuan University has more students and more talents. If the method of probability is used to cultivate talents, sichuan University has a large number of students, and it is easier to produce high-quality talents.The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) is much smaller, with limited space and just over 38,000 students, half as many as Sichuan University.University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) is the ceiling of universities of science and technology in terms of the employment rate and employment quality of graduates. In the graduation season every year, countless top 500 enterprises compete for recruitment.The employment rate and employment quality of UESTC are very high, which is unmatched by Sichuan University. Uestc is a golden signboard and a university recognized by numerous business leaders.Comparing the employment rate of the two universities, the employment rate of Sichuan University is only 89.45%, while that of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China is as high as 92.54%.In terms of employment rate and employment quality, Sichuan University failed miserably.These two aspects are finished, there is no comparison, that is the number of applicants, after the end of the annual college entrance examination, when the beginning of the application for college, which school of these two schools is more popular?This is about to be divided into the number of arts and sciences registration, liberal arts reported to Sichuan University more, because the university of electronic science and technology is a science oriented university, Sichuan university is a comprehensive strong school, as long as the liberal arts score is enough, mostly will choose to report to Sichuan University.To science unripe character, certain meeting chooses science and technology kind of school, choose university of electronic science and technology.Although UESTC has some liberal arts majors, such as the School of Foreign Languages, liberal arts majors are not as popular as Those of Sichuan University.Remove medical number and scale, electronic science and technology university “victory” are two basic schools strengths and sichuan university professional, relatively perfect in every major, complete teaching force, all professional teachers, university of electronic science and technology institute of sex is strong, the employment pressure is small, job easier, although no large-scale campus, but in terms of professional course, is absolutely at the national level.In addition, Because sichuan University recruits too many students, the score is relatively low, if the score is not enough, you can choose to go to Sichuan University, Sichuan University is also one of the 985 universities.The two universities, each professional is also a certain pros and cons of the points, such as the university of Electronic Science and Technology of the medical school, although the establishment of the medical school, but the time of the establishment of the medical school is too short, there is no complete teaching system, everything is in the development stage, compared with Sichuan University, there is a certain gap.University of electronic science and technology as a professional school in science and engineering, liberal arts majors is relatively more, but also give us an opportunity, if students score is low, want to a good school, can choose professional weak school schools, such as electronic science and technology college of liberal arts majors, as 985 schools, but the fractional line is much lower than liberal arts colleges.Uestc is transforming from a professional college of science and engineering to a comprehensive college, offering liberal arts majors, expanding enrollment and developing itself.Generally speaking, the liberal arts in uESTC have more potential, and the overall employment rate is also higher. If it is for the purpose of employment, you can apply for uESTC.The enrollment of Sichuan University is large, the score is low, the professional is complete, although the employment is not as good as the University of Electronic Science and Technology, but it is far stronger than other schools, and if you want to continue to study, such as graduate school, you can sign up for Sichuan University.