Yanqing Court carefully planned “four themes” for the Winter Olympics to sing a good voice of justice

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Shengshilinchun, and welcome the Winter Olympic flame;The whole country is happy and heading for a better future.In order to give full play to the role of news publicity and effectively create a good public opinion environment under the rule of law for the Winter Olympics, the Yanqing People’s Court carefully planned “four major themes” on the eve of the Winter Olympics to tell the moving story of the People’s Court and the Beijing Winter Olympics moving towards the future together.By the end of the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, the total reading volume of each publicity platform exceeded 60,000 times.Winter Olympics welcome prospect, New Year dream.Yanqing Court perfectly integrates the two themes of Winter Olympics and Spring Festival, creating a strong festive atmosphere while promoting Beijing Winter Olympics.On the eve of The New Year’s Eve, the “Yanqing Court” wechat public account launched the plan of “Looking forward to a new atmosphere in the Year of the Tiger, ‘Newborn Calves’ send blessings”. The new policemen reviewed the old year, talked about their dreams, told their “dream of the Winter Olympics” and “dream of the rule of law”, and showed the good spiritual outlook of the young policemen of the Yanqing Court.During the Spring Festival, I made posters for the Exclusive Spring Festival of The Yanqing Court, participated in the “I am Here for the New Year” Microblog Relay Activity organized by the CENTRAL Political and Legal Commission, shot a short video to send festival wishes to netizens at the venue of the Winter Olympics.Youth winter Olympics, volunteer me first.Yanqing court dug a warm and touching story about police volunteer service for the Winter Olympics, telling the “ice and snow engagement” between Yanfa people and the Winter Olympics.Annual grade, on the eve of the games opening ceremony, yanqing court WeChat public launch “service event Games have me “series, tells the story of yanqing court transferred to the national center for snowmobiles sled Li Jun d. comrade, yanqing division operation security headquarters plan ning comrade and over 20 volunteers to participate in the games city police story.This article was forwarded and promoted by “The Supreme People’s Court” and “Beijing Judge”, with more than 10,000 reading times. It was also paid attention to by The Legal Daily, whose “Legal” client featured “The voice of the Yanqing Court Policemen in the Winter Olympics”, and widely publicized the achievements of the Yanqing Court policemen in serving the Front line of the Winter Olympics.Rule of law to protect the Winter Olympics, together to the future.The Yanqing Court focused on the decisive battle to win the Winter Olympics, deeply examined and executed the forceful measures of front-line judicial escort for the Winter Olympics, and demonstrated the sense of responsibility and mission of the people’s court in the major activities of service and guarantee.Actively publicizing ten measures of “Law Rong Future” of Yanqing Court to provide judicial services for the Winter Olympics, relevant materials were adopted by Beijing High People’s Court and published in The Rule of Law Daily on New Year’s Eve with the article “Beijing Court is always on the Way to Serve the Preparations for the Winter Olympics”, creating a good legal environment for the opening of the Winter Olympics.Olympics opening ceremony the same day, respond to Beijing yanqing court the court organization “swim” cloud “Beijing” series of activities, to lead the net friend “the cloud” swim “snow swallow” and “flying snow” and other games venues as the breakthrough point, to introduce yanqing court law protect the games in recent years, build powerful measures in the future, “jing” Roland garros recommendation report, a powerful positive publicity.Talk about “heart” feelings, I witness the Winter Olympics.Yanqing court carefully planned to record the yanfa people’s “Winter Olympics moment”, invited comrade Zheng Dongmei, who watched the Torch relay of the Winter Olympics, to tell her feelings of personally attending the scene and participating in the Winter Olympics, and to share the “immersive” Winter Olympics experience. Relevant materials were adopted by “Beijing French Open Matter” and “Beijing judge”.After the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, the Yanqing Court immediately planned “After watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Yanfa police have something to say”, inviting some policemen who watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games to share their views, which further reflects the responsibility and responsibility of Yanfa police and Beijing Winter Olympic Games to the future.