HAHA is diagnosed!”RM” four people were confirmed to be afraid of the cancellation of the air, many variety shows are also affected

2022-05-24 0 By

On Feb. 11, Kim Jong-guk, Ji Seok-jin and Yang Se-chan were confirmed to have COVID-19, and HAHA, another veteran member of “RM,” was also confirmed to have COVID-19. Four of the seven regular guests on the show have contracted the virus, and Song Ji-hyo, who was not vaccinated, has been quarantined for a long time.When The news of Kim jong-kook’s COVID-19 diagnosis was announced on Sunday, other regular guests of “RM” went into a state of emergency and began to search for themselves. The bad news came soon after jiseok-jin and Yang Se-chan were also diagnosed with COVID-19.A day later, HAHA also announced its diagnosis, leaving many viewers wondering what would happen to Jeon So-min, Song Ji-hyo and Yoo Jae-seok.Jeon So-min, Song Ji-hyo, and Yoo Jae-seok have not been confirmed yet, but with the confirmation of Kim Jong-guk, HAHA, Yang Se-chan, and Ji Seok-jin, “RM” has reached a stage where no one is available, so many netizens are worried that “RM” will be canceled.And with HAHA’s diagnosis today, netizens are worried that he and Actor Yoo Jae-seok starred in another variety show, “What’s good for You?”Can also be affected.But not before what to play?Bad news came from guests. Kim Jun-ho, another regular guest of my Child, another variety show starring Kim Jong-guk, was informed of his diagnosis on Sunday.And as a focus on a group of single old boys daily life of the program, the program lineup is quite strong in addition to the two people have been infected, and Cui Shiyuan, Jin Chongmin, Cui Shiyuan, Jin Xizhe, Zhuo in the xun, Wu Minxi and others, including actors, idol, variety three plates.And Chi Shi town is also in the recording of another variety “fried rice cake shop that brother” in the self-test confirmed the new crown, although there is no other members of the bad news, but the permanent guest has a star in my bear children – Jin Jong, so the prospect is also worrying.