Hunan a mother to raise a son, junior high school son suddenly want pocket money, mother surprised: 20 yuan

2022-05-24 0 By

A netizen in Changde, Hunan province, recently posted a video that made people laugh and cry.A junior high school student suddenly ran to his mother’s bedroom, lying on the bed, crying that he was a poor child.The boy said that he had gone to middle school, but his mother was stingy and stingy every day. Then he lay on his mother’s bed and said to her, “Your son is short of money and you don’t say anything?”The mother looked at her son and asked, “How much do you want?”The boy carefully replied, “20?”Seeing that her son had already done so, the mother unkindly gave him 20 yuan.The mother said: ‘As the saying goes, boys are still raised in poverty. We have three sons and they are never given pocket money, but I don’t know what happened to him this time.Netizens also commented on the incident: “The operation was fierce as a tiger, but it only cost 20 yuan.But at such an age, it’s time for some pocket money, isn’t it?””My son is in fourth grade and he gets $10 a week, but if he stays with his in-laws, he gets $20. His favorite is grandma.””When my son was in primary school, all his pocket money was free. When I asked him if he wanted it, why would he want it?When we were in junior high school, we would go to school and buy drinks.”Have to say, this “poor raise” mother, is really too poor!It seems that the child’s New Year’s money was also confiscated by her, but also “confiscated”.However, if conditions permit, I think they should be given some rights, after all, they are junior high school students, no money is not appropriate!What do you think?