Is an assistant social worker intermediate

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Is an Assistant social worker intermediate: An assistant social worker is not intermediate.Assistant social worker is a junior social worker. There are three levels of social worker: Assistant social worker, social worker and senior social worker.Social workers are at the middle level.Social work division this industry is established by the country organization, although do not belong to the cause to work out, officeholder to work out, but also the country contributes.So the salary is also very good.In social work division according to the different level, pay in wages, welfare and working scope is also different.The higher the rank is, the higher the salary and benefits will be, of course, in practice, the higher the rank of social workers will be responsible for a larger scope.Click the mini program button to download free test preparation materials and highlights for social workers
Assistant social work division belongs to the primary social work division, the work is also the simplest, mainly responsible for the implementation of specific work.And the work of middle social work division and senior social work division is more inclined to management and organization, overall planning and so on.To become an intermediate social worker, in addition to the relevant professional education, you need to have more practical work experience, and then pass the exam to become a social worker.Although the salary and welfare benefits of social work division can not be compared with the business establishment and civil service establishment, but if you can become a higher level of social work division, then the corresponding treatment is relatively good.Therefore, after working for a certain number of years, many assistant social workers will actively obtain a higher level of social work qualification.