Multi-person bullet train was infected, experts: these 4 key links should pay attention to

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From March 31 to April 3, Five COVID-19 outbreaks occurred in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province for four days in a row, four of which were detected by the screening of non-local train personnel.How exactly did they get infected on the train?What links are easy to be lured?Jiang Xiangao, deputy head of wenzhou COVID-19 medical treatment expert team, deputy director of downtown Hospital and academic leader of infectious diseases, said in an interview that when riding bullet trains, viruses mostly break through four links and eventually cause infection.The four key links are the most likely to become “loopholes”. The ryanair health case that was screened positive on March 31 returned to Ryanair on March 28 by bullet train D3141.On April 1, the two positive cases were found at a centralized quarantine point in Lucheng District. They were returned from another province by bullet train G7591 on March 30.On April 2, a COVID-19 preliminary screening positive case was found in Cangnan County, who returned to Cangnan by bullet train D3141 on the night of March 30.On April 3, a COVID-19 preliminary screening positive case was found in Yueqing, who also returned to Leqing by bullet train D3141 on March 30.Of the five cases, two were definitely infected in the train, Mr. Jiang said.There are still a few cases can not rule out the possibility of infection before boarding the train.Take The Rui ‘an case as an example. The passenger was on the D3141 bullet train with the confirmed case from another province and was in the adjacent carriage.So how did they get infected on the bullet train?Jiang Xiangao analysis, there are 4 links easy to have “loopholes”.One is the process of getting on and off the train, which is crowded with people. For example, the case of Ryan and the confirmed case in the adjacent car got on the bus from the same door and walked to the left and right cars respectively. If personal protection measures were not taken during the process of crossing, there would be a high chance of being infected.The second is to take off the mask to drink water or eat in the car. The longer the exposure time, the greater the chance of being fooled.The third one is the door handle of the toilet. If a confirmed case touches the door handle when going to the bathroom, other people may come into contact with the virus from the door handle. If they do not clean their hands in time, they may become infected.The fourth is a long journey, occasionally pull down the mask on the seat or do not wear a mask properly, may also be exposed to the virus, causing infection.Do these two steps can be the most likely to avoid infection in the bullet train frequently trick, how to do a good job in the car protection?In this regard, Jiang Xiangao believes that in the current special period, we need to strictly do two steps to protect ourselves as much as possible.First, standardize the wearing of surgical masks throughout the whole process;Second, wash your hands frequently or clean with sanitizer on the way. When touching the seat or bathroom door handle, you can use tissue or wear disposable gloves.Experts further explained that it is best to wear medical masks throughout the whole process, that is, avoid drinking water and eating as much as possible, and choose to eat quickly at other people’s time if you have a long time.If you have cough or runny nose in the front and back rows, you should be more careful. Wear a mask tightly over the bridge of your nose. Wear a mask of surgical grade or above from entering the station to leaving the station when you arrive at your destination.Frequent hand washing means immediately washing hands with running water from the car or quickly disinfecting hands with a sanitizer after touching objects such as seat armrests or door handles.Do not touch the surface of the mask with your hands.On and off the best and others to keep a certain distance, not crowded.In addition to taking personal protective measures in the car, it is best to do nucleic acid testing immediately after getting off the car.No public activities until the results are known.Jiang xiangao said that from the recent positive cases, the bullet train passengers are key personnel.Nucleic acid testing can identify people at risk, detect and treat them early, and block social transmission as soon as possible, so as to avoid covert transmission and make epidemic prevention passive.Reducing mobility, especially for people in medium-high risk areas, is professional advice based on the current situation and the overall environment, Jiang said.At present, the number of new locally infected cases in China remains high, and more than 20 provinces are reporting local cases at the same time.”Overall, the epidemic situation is not ready to turn around.”Travel, mobility, hidden dangers and risks are everywhere.For an individual, the chance of becoming infected has gone up dramatically.Once the migrants are infected and not detected in time, they will first infect their family members, relatives and friends and other close contacts, and also easily cause occult transmission in the community.Do need to travel as far as possible to choose private cars or self-drive.What is the condition of the confirmed patients after they are infected?Of the six patients, only three were asymptomatic, Dr. Jiang said.The mild cases are still evident, “so it is not time to take the novel Coronavirus pandemic lightly.”(Source: Xinhua)