Open Audio Mercury is a guide to Amway and Quitting

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OpenAudio’s “popular flagship”, “Small wrecking Army” and “Popular Edition Wrecking Army” all refer to the Mercury Mercury in the article, which received a lot of attention and praise when it first appeared offline.In my case, one of my favorite things to do is to “throw cold water” on popular products, such as the blockbuster Daco EST112, which I’ve persuaded many people to turn away.In fact qualified HIFI media should be to help the manufacturer to recommend suitable products to the appropriate user is, this pair of Mercury according to my personal point of view, and to break the army can’t say the same, on the style is almost no connection, instead of the overall more like a witch full version, done very many popular of targeted training,In that case there must be some loss and some gain.Overall I think the quality/sound balance of mercury is quite good, with a lot of detail being worked out.Out of the box is not much beep beep, the ceremony is good, the original box is beautiful and practical, the standard earplugs are also high quality models.The Artwork is quite consistent with the concept of “mercury”. From the aspect of appearance level and texture of the public mold, it can even defeat its own forces. The brand once tried to use 3D printing technology for production after the design, but in order to achieve such delicate and smooth quicksand effect, 3D printing cannot meet their needs.So each pair of mercury still has to be made by hand to ensure that the panels of each pair of earbuds can withstand magnification and elaboration in detail.At the same time, the official said that this wiring is after a very long time of selection and debugging, and the most intuitive place is reflected in the color of the line body and the choice of connectors, the design of the wire and the cavity is highly integrated, the overall texture looks quite advanced.Let’s start with the amway points.Stake than in hard quality, OA home has always been very in place, the voice of broken the hard quality I have been thought to be in ten thousand yuan file is tenable, but often the more cheaper models more easily in the “great” has better performance and resolving power of mercury in 4 k price, density, dynamic performance for the most part I think than with price model has obvious quality advantage,Especially the transverse sound field and the low frequency dynamic performance does have some of the style of the army, but the timbre is not so similar.The low frequency is mercury, and thanks to the moving coil unit, although it is not as exaggerated as the band in density, it is not inferior to band in the Punch sense and dynamic performance of the low frequency. Every Punch is eager to leave the range of the acoustic field and directly blow into your nerve cells.Both the depth of the dive and the extremely low frequency details are not compromised by “popularity” and are relatively accessible.The low-frequency performance I described can be displayed even with the low-end small tail like SHANling UA2 and 7rainbow M1, let alone with the W2-131 and RU6, which is comparable to the effect driven by mid-high-end Chinese bricks.It can be seen that there are obvious trade-offs between sound field and knot image performance, but in my opinion, overall the merits outweigh the disadvantages.First said the most let me happy, that is the sound field of transverse size is really big, is the kind of big beyond the category of “reduction”, have obvious the width of the gain and dispersion + reverb gain, and sound field is not flat, vertical height do quite fully, as if the scene of the stage ceiling high enough of that kind of feeling, just from the size,Some of the ten thousand thousand block sound field in front of it also to shame.The “loss” lies in that, perhaps because the horizontal sound field is too large, mercury’s voice is not strong, and the knot is a little behind.The rear knot is a double-edged sword. People who like to listen to Live music may feel that the sense of presence is not enough and there is a slight head-to-head effect. Users who like to listen to classical music may feel that the overall knot is slightly concave, and I can understand that there are quite a few people who think that this knot makes the voice “close enough”.For users who like to post face voice, it may not be a bad point.There is no need to worry that the whole sound field of Mercury is three-dimensional and full of depth, but the overall position of the knot image lacks the sense of stage brought by a little front for the instrumental party.Vocal tone, the performance of the mercury I think there is some “witch Plus” feeling, simple and beautiful, sweet, bright, particles of feeling is more close, voice is not thin, part of the knot is the feeling of like the form to ensure the full degree, just don’t like broken army has a certain degree of mellow and strong density, dental control is also quite clean.Mercury vocals, I think still belongs to the voice of more younger, especially for like in the department of Asian girl, Japanese ACG users, mercury is broken army than the more appropriate choice, toxicity can be said to be full, and faults are nothing more than listen like Susan huang, CAI qin this partial mature girl some “old enough,”Experienced users can use some of the front ends to complement each other. Machines such as the Kine N8 and Shanling M6 21 will be relatively complementary choices.We will not go into the series of products of the original generation of OA here. Recently, when talking with a dealer friend about their recent products, he mentioned some “commonalities” of the tuning techniques of OA, and I fully agree with him.The sound field must be wide, and the sound lines will be slightly tight. Combined with the high frequency energy sense, OA’s recent three works, including the first generation of flagship Ketamine, all have a very good “quality sense”.Although K told me when he was building Ketamine that he wanted to simulate the string texture of high-end large systems, I think it is still quite difficult to achieve in the portable, just to achieve the “likeness” in the vividness is quite a challenge.However, as a new domestic brand, it is undoubtedly gratifying to see that the master of a brand has a directional pursuit of tuning and has completed a certain amount of family style accumulation.When writing the witch I have mentioned before, the witch is the feeling of low frequency energy of some of the sedimentation, like JVC home FX11 condom is needed to make up for, here on the mercury, although it has no witch so obvious, but the overall voice still lack some peace of slightly, this next door of 4 + 2 and FW1800 gives out of paper,But the quality is not as high as mercury.In general, mercury still created a very lively, even some restless sound base, European and American rock, ACG music, electric music, these very test the low-frequency texture, high-frequency transient tracks, it can do the atmosphere of the bottom quite enough.Mercury’s voice will be more inclined to the current wave of young users with fever. In my opinion, mercury “does not pursue to make the vast majority of users feel that the level is high, but to make its target users happy in the same place”.In the case of the mercury plug, I would like it to be fluffier and more human fleshy, even if it has to sacrifice some of the lateral sound field, which can be compensated with either front-end or wire.For example, when writing HS2000MX previously mentioned Youngs graphene silver gilding, Liquid home Conti, Martini, Oboroji Nirvana, etc.The front end can try Kaiyin N3Pro, Seashell R5, high-end including DTR1+, E01 motherboard, Kann Alpha, LE PI P6 and so on.K is a very thoughtful and confident person in tuning, and he is not particularly influenced by other people’s opinions. In the communication process, the tuning direction described by him is always highly consistent with the actual sound performance, from the breaker to the witch, quicksilver,I think he has more sophisticated experience in the taste of both “refined and popular” and the taste of the current young chef while maintaining his own small obsession.Even though I spent a lot of words in this article to cover the limitations of mercury’s voice, “limitations” ≠ “defects”. If I have to sum up mercury in a word, it is indeed the model second to none in terms of quality and appeal at the current price.