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For Shanghai, which is located in the south, to carry out winter sports needs to pay attention to local conditions, curling is a very suitable sport.Curlers can be built, curlers can be trained, but the more important thing is that you need a certain number of curlers.Yang Hongbo, a native of Harbin, has been in Shanghai for nearly six years. He is the head coach of the Shanghai wheelchair curling team and teaches children to play curling in several districts.As one of the earliest curling players in China, the arrival of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics gave him a chance to change his life…Yang hongbo.Born in 1982, Yang hongbo can still recall exactly how he started curling.In 2000, he was still in a sports school in Harbin, where he practiced soccer and often participated in the city’s games.One day a coach came to the sports school and said to his group, “Now there is a curling sport. It is an official sport in the Winter Olympics. You can change your curling and have a chance to participate in the Winter Olympics.”Yang Hongbo immediately signed up to learn curling. At that time, there were about 30 or 40 people in Harbin Sports School who started to learn curling from scratch. This was also the first Chinese athlete to learn curling.Yang hongbo told that their coach only learned curling in Japan during the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. After receiving training for a period of time, he returned to China and started teaching. “Our coach also explored and told us what to do by himself.My generation was like an experiment, but it laid a solid foundation for what was to come.”Although born and raised in Northeast China, Yang had never been exposed to snow and ice sports before, and the change was hard. “I had classes in the morning, went to the ice in the afternoon to train and then did physical training, and then went to the ice from 9:30 to 11:30 at night, almost six days a week,” he said.Yang hongbo considers himself not a very talented athlete, but able to endure hardship — a double-edged sword. After a year or so, Yang hongbo found that his knee was failing.”We didn’t have scientific training at that time, just like what I said before, crossing the river by feeling the stones. Later, as everyone knows, the most important thing is to practice curling, knees and waist, otherwise you will have pain when sliding, and the influence will be too big.When you train professionally like today, to avoid injury, you train the muscles in your legs and around the meniscus, so that the muscles cover the meniscus and you can avoid injury.””I have the stamina to get through it, but I can’t get through injuries.”No one wants to leave the game so early, but this is the fate his generation has to accept.Yang hongbo’s career lasted less than two years because of injury, but his group of athletes, who started curling in 2000, are definitely the pioneers of the sport in China.Yang Hongbo (back row, left) and his team.In 2001, Yang hongbo went to Harbin Institute of Physical Education to study sports training and graduated in 2005. He joked that for many post-80s, graduation was unemployment.He wanted to be a school teacher, but the barriers to becoming a teacher were generally high.Then he had to enter society — Yang hongbo doesn’t shy away from saying that he did many hard jobs, such as working in factories and as a security guard.Looking back at that time after more than a decade, Yang hongbo believes that the days of contact with the outside society helped him a lot. “It made you realize the situation at the grassroots level of life, and put a lot of things in a realistic view, because life is very realistic. You should be able to bear hardships and communicate with people.””For example, when you become a coach, you need to know how to communicate with your colleagues, with your leaders, with your players.”Your previous work experience and knowledge can come in handy when they have a problem and you have to find a way to gently resolve it, considerate of each of them.”Han Yu in Beijing Olympic Games, she is Yang Hongbo’s disciple.Club develop national outside fighting days lasted for six years, but Yang hongbo think this is not the life he wants, he is looking forward to do a few things and professional, happened to Beijing have a curling club published online job Posting, Yang hongbo telephone contact each other immediately.When the club asked for an interview, he arrived in Beijing from Harbin with a bag on his back — his past professional experience was obviously very important, and he managed to stay with the curling club.Of course, Yang hongbo’s transformation can’t be separated from the background of the development of ice and snow sports.In 2009, the Women’s curling team won the World Championship and the first medal (bronze) in the history of Chinese curling at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, which made the sport develop rapidly in China. “The achievements of the women’s team also created a number of jobs, which increased the demand for curling coaches.”Working with the Huairou District Education Commission, the Beijing club built the country’s largest ice rink, with six curling lanes, and focused on hobby training.In 2013, there was a talented little girl — Han Yu, the captain of the Chinese women’s curling team at this Winter Olympics. Han Yu was also the first amateur athlete to become a professional athlete on the team.Yang Hongbo plays curling with children.In addition to teaching children to play curling, Yang hongbo also has to lead a team of disabled athletes.Wheelchair curling has long been included in the Paralympic Winter Games, and China has been active in it for years and has achieved remarkable results — the Chinese wheelchair curling team won the gold medal at the Pyeongchang Paralympic Winter Games.In the recent three National Games, Yang hongbo coached the Beijing national Team to win three gold MEDALS. The first one was coached by Yang Hongbo.Wheelchair curling requires the use of a cane to push the stone, which is more demanding on the player’s hands than normal curling.Sure you want to teach the wheelchair curling, Yang hongbo oneself has spent two months, when the player has not come, nor the wheelchair, he himself moved a chair to sit down on the ice, also stick, can replace with a stick, “how do I want to know first wheelchair curling push straight, power how to grasp, it can teach the players.”Then, Yang hongbo began slowly instilling the essence of each movement into the wheelchair curlers. “Coaching is about telling the players why we do it and what the benefits are.In fact, when I look at them from the coach’s point of view, sometimes I see my old self.I told the players what I was going through and I said I don’t want you to be me.””He doesn’t have much professional experience as a player. I’ve only played curling for less than two years. But that doesn’t stop you from being a good coach if you put your heart into it.”In the field of wheelchair curling, Yang Hongbo’s coaching has achieved quite good results — he led the Beijing team to win the gold medal of wheelchair curling in the first Winter Paralympic Games.Yang hongbo moved from Beijing to Shanghai at the end of 2015, and he co-founded the Shanghai wheelchair curling team.This national Games Shanghai team also made a breakthrough to get the third place, his goal – is to lead the Shanghai team in the next national games, standing in the highest podium.Yang Hongbo led the Shanghai disabled curling team to the third place in the National Games.In addition to leading the wheelchair curling team to participate in competition-oriented national competitions, Yang Hongbo also teaches curling to school children in several districts of Shanghai.This is a popular work, in fact, not different from the nature of his initial work in The Beijing Curling Club, so he has his own positioning, “so many years I have always said that I am a basic worker of curling, to lay a foundation for the Winter Olympics curling, of course, this is also very important, without a foundation, where can the spire come?At present, there are only a few dozen curling coaches with professional athlete background in China, which is relatively scarce. Therefore, professional coaches like Yang Hongbo also need to contribute more energy. “We need to find talented children as the first step, and then cultivate their interest and let them go on the professional road.”Yang hongbo still takes Han Yu as an example, “When I first came here, I looked at her and thought she might not be suitable, but after you put on the ice, you will find her ice sense is very good.And then you keep feeding her new stuff as she improves.She really improved so fast that in junior high school she went to Norway to participate in a world high school student competition.”Since winning the world Championship in 2009, The Chinese curling team has experienced a process from peak to trough to climb again in recent years. As a professional, Yang Hongbo gave his own opinion, “There was a period of break, when the old could not get down and the new could not get up.”After a period of accumulation, the Chinese women’s curling team of the Current Winter Olympic Games is a batch of young masters like Han Yu, “the future can be!”Yang hongbo is looking forward to the future. “These athletes are all in their early 20s and can play for at least 10 years, so they will have the opportunity to make breakthroughs in the next Or even the next Winter Olympics when their experience and skills are more mature and stable.””If more children can have more time to play sports and cultivate their interests, I think the number of people engaged in many sports will be greatly increased in the future, which will lay a good foundation,” Yang said, referring to the “double reduction” policy.(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)