The use of lubricating oil misunderstanding

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(1) Oil selection in accordance with the provisions of the equipment instruction manual invariably.The oil specified in the equipment operation manual refers to the oil used in the equipment under general working conditions. If the actual use conditions are harsher than the specified conditions, a higher gear of oil should be selected through the test, or the oil change cycle should be appropriately shortened.(2) With high viscosity oil can solve the engine engine weakness and oil channeling problems.Engine weakness, waste oil and oil hopping phenomenon is the external characteristics of engine technical condition deterioration, with high viscosity oil not only can not solve the problem, but also make the engine lubricating oil performance deterioration, aggravate the engine wear.(3) Full hub lubrication is better than empty hub lubrication.Practice shows that the hub bearings of loading and unloading machinery are the best in the empty hub lubrication way, the inner cavity of the hub is thinly coated with a layer of oil to prevent rust.Full hub lubrication is not only a waste of grease, but also easy to increase internal friction, bearing temperature rise, so that grease loss.Serious, the loss of grease penetration into the brake device, so that the brake failure.(4) The lubricating oil is black, indicating that the lubricating oil has deteriorated.It is a normal phenomenon that the internal combustion engine oil with detergent dispersant becomes black after being used and should not be replaced easily.Lubricating oil with additives often produces dark protective film on the bearing surface;It is normal for thickener oil to turn black or oil pressure to be low during use.(5) Collecting and testing oil samples need not be too strict.Grease sampling shall be carried out when the equipment has gone through a working cycle and the temperature of oil and water reaches normal.When sampling, the grease at the sampling valve should be taken first. If this method cannot be achieved, the oil gun or pipe can be inserted into the oil pan to absorb. The sampling depth should be 30-50mm below the oil level, and the test should be carried out immediately.(6) Oil with high viscosity is beneficial to the engine than oil with low viscosity.The larger the viscosity is, the thicker the oil film between the surfaces of each moving pair is, which is beneficial to prevent surface wear, but the friction resistance increases, and the dynamic loss increases.Experiments show that under the condition of lubrication, using low viscosity lubricating oil not only saves fuel, but also minimizes engine wear.(7) Waste oil cannot be reused.If the oil quality is good, a little processing can still be used for rough processing equipment.(8) The amount of lubricating oil is better than less.In the operation of the equipment, if the oil is added too much, it will cause certain side effects, especially for the port equipment with heavy load and high-speed operation.Such as air compressor, crankcase refueling too much, will increase the movement resistance of the crankshaft;In the reduction box, in order to reduce the motion resistance of gear and oil temperature is too high, the depth of gear immersion oil with 1-2 teeth is appropriate;When grease is added to rolling bearings, generally only 1/3 to 1/2 of the space can be filled;If the air compressor is oiled too much, it will form cylinder oil strike in operation. When the temperature rises, carbon accumulation will be formed, and explosive accidents will occur when carbon combustion.