Tuesday night’s three good news officially out!

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Tuesday night’s three good news officially out!Just now, the securities market and out of the three major news, one of which is particularly significant, or will affect the market trend after the holiday, solemnly remind you: one, the periphery of the market rebounded sharply, in the concept of stocks rose in the collective good interpretation:European and American stock markets in the past year, they are busy in the crazy reversal, finally let those who worry about the FALL of the US stock market with the collapse of the PEOPLE at ease, if the US stock can continue to maintain this good condition, then the A stock after the holiday.In order to deal with the record high inflation, the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates seven times this year, and our US dollar bond is the world’s largest. What a surprise! The higher the interest rate is, the better for us.After a lackluster month, a number of tech stocks suddenly rebounded on the last day of the month, with Chinese stocks also surging, many of them up more than 10%.In the concept of stocks have fallen 2 months, the substantial rebound is reasonable, mainly how sustainable, can maintain a period of time.If there is A certain continuity, then A shares after the opening of the relevant concept stocks will also have A certain rise.The Courier giant’s net profit fell by more than 40% last year.According to the latest news, the company achieved net profit of 4.2 billion to 4.4 billion yuan in 2021, down 40% to 43% year on year.Shares have been on a downward trend for nearly a year, falling nearly 50%.The reason for the drop is that the company’s profit model has changed, and it is unknown whether it can maintain the position of the top Courier.Good interpretation: after the implementation of the comprehensive registration system, the performance of strong cash ability, competitive stocks will bloom again, and the theme stocks following the trend of speculation will exit.On the high growth track, both large and small stocks will have opportunities.For example, the prosperity of new energy vehicles, wind power photovoltaic, military, semiconductor and so on has not changed significantly, which is still a good track in the next few years.Last year, stamp duty on transactions was 247.7 billion yuan, and this year it will be even higher.The only way to collect more taxes is through a bull market.IPO expansion accelerated.Good thing, the more issuance, the easier it is to win, like winning lucky.Main board this year to implement the registration system.10cm upgrade 20cm, before seven and a half board doubled, now four even board turned over, this is to let our shareholders quickly rich.Today is the first day of the first lunar month, everyone have fun!News from the stock market. I’m here!# Stock Comment # For more exciting content, follow the financial old Shepherd boy