Why do most people avoid colonoscopy?Academician: do a colonoscopy, or can guarantee you 5 years no problem

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Three colonoscopies in six years, colon cancer?According to Fujian Health News, uncle Zhang, 60, has a family history of bowel cancer. Both his parents were diagnosed with bowel cancer and his sister also had intestinal polyps, so he pays special attention to colon cancer screening and regularly has a colonoscopy. He has had it done three times in the past six years, every other year, and each time he has had polyps removed.Surprisingly, during a recent colonoscopy, Uncle Zhang was found to have ascending colon cancer, but fortunately it was only at an early stage and could be treated with radical surgery.In the case of Uncle Zhang, it is fortunate that many colorectal cancer patients in China have not undergone colonoscopy before the onset of the disease, and the diagnosis is in the advanced stage, and the prognosis is quite poor.First, why many people do not like to do colonoscopy?Many people recoil when they hear about colonoscopy.How does a colonoscopy work?The colonoscope is not a “mirror”, but a thin flexible rubber hose with a light, camera, biopsy tube, flushing and inflating device at the tip.With the camera, the physician can clearly see from the anus along the intestinal cavity, large intestine, and all the way to the cecum and the end of the small intestine.If foreign objects are encountered during the examination, a headend flush tool can help flush the bowel, or it can be inflated to spread the narrow bowel and reduce blind areas of sight.If abnormal things are found in the intestinal tract, or the intestinal tract itself is abnormal, the biopsy tube can be used to clamp the abnormal tissue immediately and send it for pathological examination.Li Zhaosen, president of the Chinese Association of Endoscopists branch and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, believes that with China’s 1.4 billion population, about 10% of the people need to do colonoscopy every year.But in fact, about 97% of patients diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer in China have not had colonoscopy before diagnosis.Why do many people dislike colonoscopy?1, ignore the early screening of cancer people generally lack the awareness of early screening of cancer, do not understand the early gastrointestinal tumors often do not have typical symptoms, they think that “there is no discomfort in my intestinal tract, why should spend ‘wasted money’?”.This has led to many cases of bowel cancer being detected when it is already in the middle or late stages.2. Blind fear colonoscopy In many people’s consciousness, the strange foreign body into the body, just by imagining the pain, out of the fear of the unknown, it is difficult to make up your mind to undergo colonoscopy.Two, do a colonoscopy, in the end can be safe for several years?An analysis of a large clinical trial from the Cancer Screening and Prevention Research group at Imperial College London, UK, published in the Lancet, concluded that a single flexible sigmoidoscopy was associated with a nearly 30% reduction in bowel cancer incidence in the population over the following 17 years.Academician Li Zhaosen also once said that a colonoscopy can ensure that colorectal cancer will not occur in five or ten years.Why does colonoscopy reduce the risk?This is because, bowel cancer arrives from polyp, hyperplasia terminal, want to experience 10 years or so development period normally, and colonoscopy examination can help us discover polyp and hyperplasia in advance, prevent the occurrence of cancer in time.3, why often do colonoscope, still got bowel cancer?It is important to note that colonoscopy, even though it is the most accurate screening test for bowel cancer, can still be missed, which is why someone who has a colonoscopy may find bowel cancer a year and a half later.Even with colonoscopy, 5% of bowel cancers and 10-30% of polyps are still missed.The reasons for missed diagnosis may be related to the following factors: 1. The bowel was not emptied and the bowel was not adequately prepared before colonoscopy, resulting in the obstruction of the view of the colonoscopy by the stool residue.2. The position of some polyps is special. Some flat and small polyps will hide in the dead corner of the intestine or be blocked by the plica, which is difficult to detect by the instrument.In a study of 83 cases of colonic polyps in the gastroenterology Department of Suzhou Seventh People’s Hospital, it was found that the smaller the polyp, the easier it was to miss diagnosis.Generally, polyps > 10mm have a missed diagnosis rate of 5.33%, while polyps around 5-10mm have a missed diagnosis rate of 30.43%. Polyps < 5mm are most likely to be missed.4. Insufficient colonoscopy time In terms of colonoscopy examination time, the study of Suzhou Seventh Hospital also found that the rate of missed diagnosis was 6.85% when the colonoscopy withdrawal time was longer than 6min, while the rate of missed diagnosis was 39.84% when the colonoscopy withdrawal time was less than 6min.Four, do colonoscopy to take off pants, how to reduce embarrassment?Many people worry about the embarrassment of having to remove their pants in front of strangers during a colonoscopy.In fact, colonoscopists are specially trained, and they have to do dozens of such tests every day. In the eyes of medical staff, it is so common that it is not surprising, so patients just need to keep relaxed.But some people just can't get past that mental hurdle. To reduce the awkwardness, try the following two strategies.1. If economic conditions are available, painless gastroenteroscopy can be selected. Painless gastroenteroscopy is a new painless technology based on traditional endoscopy.When people are asleep, there is no such thing as "undressing" pants.2, wear professional "open-backed pants" in fact, now do colonoscopy, some hospitals will provide that kind of specialized colonoscopy shorts.It's like open-backed pants. It opens from the butt, so you don't have to take your pants off, you just have to bare your butt.You can know in advance whether the hospital provides such pants, if not, you can also bring their own.Making sure your gut is healthy is more important than the embarrassment of a colonoscopy.Colonoscopy is of great significance for "early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment" of colorectal cancer, so it is recommended that people over 50 years old should still do it.[1] 100 million People in China need a colonoscopy![2] One Colonoscopy can Keep you Safe for 5 years[3] "A man from Fujian province was diagnosed with colorectal cancer after 4 colonoscopies in 6 years. What happened?"Fujian Health News.2022-03-10