Chinese stocks: Don’t be scared off if there is a “sell line”, the main lift is about to start!

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The stock market offers small opportunities to those who lack financial foundation.However, this “experienced people get a lot of money, people with money get a lot of experience” place is full of danger, occasionally, although it is not easy to get it, it is not easy to get it frequently, and living on this is a challenge to self and humanity.If I want to use a word to explain why the general investors lose more than less, that is: the inevitability of human nature!Regardless of profit or loss, everyone can get what they want from the market.Some people seem to like losing money, so they lose money to get ahead.Investment losses are the cost of trading and a stepping stone to success!The stock exchange works like this.When it goes up, it wants to go down so it can get in on the cheap.However, when it really fell down, the heart immediately changed, hesitated whether to enter.As the saying goes: fried is fried mentality, this is very reasonable.Stock trading is when mature traders take money from bankrupt traders.There are no shortcuts to trading and success is by no means easy.Every trader wants to find a way to succeed as quickly as possible.In fact, most people will die on the way.In a volatile market, experience is often the key to success or failure.Investors with rich experience, can take their time to face a variety of market environment, choose the opportunity and move, easy to invest in the market has proved countless times, 80% of the people are the rule of loss, no one can change the natural law of the investment world, because this is the eternal iron law of the investment world.Retail investors repeatedly defeated, empty-handed, the main force is often victorious, often successful.Faced with such failures, the vast majority of retail investors would have cursed the market for its ruthlessness, rather than conducting timely self-analysis, self-examination and getting to the root of the failure.The stock market is a very cruel battlefield without gunpowder. Competent investors can make money, while those without ability can only consume. Therefore, for investors, only with certain technical knowledge and ability to judge the market can they occupy a place in the stock market.Each trader’s technical and tactical level is limited, too hard on their own, can only increase meaningless confusion and frustration.Although perfection is difficult to achieve, dedication is necessary for success.Only by constantly forging ahead, keeping an open mind to learn and not being complacent and arrogant, can we get closer to the results we want.Fry need a common heart, to have a clear mood like a mirror, infatuated with the stock market too much, will become the slave of the stock market game.Alleged correct trade, is not the trade that points to disliking money, however point to trade strategy is correct, whole trade process is disposed of proper, enter the arena and appear the trade that opportunity holds accurate.First of all, let’s explain what it means to have a long shadow line. It’s very simple. As most friends know, the shadow line represents a strong underpinning of the stock.First give you from the surface form to make a summary, is a K line with a long shadow, and can tell you this with THE K line had better not shadow.Of course, if we only from this kind of surface to identify, after all have the shadow of the stock we go to participate, take the result is bound to lose money!Here we give you to say the dump line, not only to have a long shadow line, more important is to have the following several points, we still look at the picture first.We can clearly see the characteristics of the picture above, which is characterized by sharp declines on the timeshare, often more than 3%.Then the bottom turns sharply above, showing a V-shaped reversal that takes back the decline or at least half of it.So this kind of appearance is the standard “dump line” the final mark dump line position is in 23 or so, see dump line also saw the stock start signal!Operation strategy: 1. The shape of the inverted hammerhead line, effectively breaking the lowest point of the inverted hammerhead line on the second day, stopping the loss and leaving the market;2, inverted hammerhead line form, appear in important pressure level or close transaction area, when the stock price effectively breaks through the inverted hammerhead line high can actively enter the market;3. Shape of inverted hammerhead line. Once the high inverted hammerhead appears, once the breakdown of the short-term average system, it should leave the field quickly, otherwise there is the possibility of continuous short-fall slump;4. Line shape of inverted hammer head can be flexibly operated according to the energy situation and breakthrough direction of the next day;Case analysis: as shown in the unit, February 1 is inverted hammer line, and accompanied by a large number of bottom, February 2 is the gold needle bottom form, said that this is the combination will go up.Subsequently share price crosses trend line to appear trend best enter the field point, but as a result of this unit decision line turn head still downward to explain trend still belongs to weak position in, lifeline turn head has go smooth sign, band enter the field point is about to appear, should always pay attention to the follow up of optimal enter the field point.As shown in figure the stock, on January 28, 2010, emerged as lily dip the special form of a hammer, then on the third day on February 1st is our legendary hammer line, but with the bottom of the large, promote the dip + inverted hammer line combination is I will go up in the study of combination, due to the emergence of a large number of at the bottom of the the firm interpretation when he concluded that the bottom of the form,Later across the barrier line appeared a trend approach point, but the lifeline turn is still down now, the decision line to suppress the stock price is obvious, steady shareholders still need to wait patiently.Winners before the start of the three signs of 1, the average adhesion of each cycle averages are basic together, such as 5 daily average line, 10 ma, 20 daily average lines and 30 – day moving average these short medium-term averages are basic together (big cycle averages, 60, 120 – day moving average can not glue), and holds that the average investor’s opinion is unified,Stocks began to accumulate a strong long momentum.2, broken K line stock average adhesion, and K line did not appear changyang or changyin big fluctuations, but small Yin, small Yang or cross star continued to climb, may also be consolidation, which shows that the main unit is building positions, once there is a large changyang line, then the back will accelerate the attack, into the main market.3, continuous amount if a stock has experienced a wave of adjustment, a few days after the continuous amount of platform finishing action, at this time you need to begin to pay attention to, after the volume on behalf of the unit will soon start, is an excellent short term and midline market.Ground volume is a sign of the end of the correction, representing investors on the stock is less divided, the price is vulnerable to new buying driven up.Main suction has three ways: 1, down suction, this way is very fierce, but there must be a market with.Low absorption of daily trading volume is low when building cang, the disk does not see any trace of the main force, the stock price on the trend of unlimited decline or rapid decline even dropped to limit, is the main force obviously.Pull high suction, this way is more fierce, but mostly for the short-term main force.Suction to a certain proportion of the circulation plate, the main force is to achieve the purpose of the control plate, the process of suction will continue to do the trial.Usually increase in volume to attract market to follow the wind disk participation, enhance the activity of the stock.3, all eat catch plate suction chip.This kind absorbs goods to absorb goods form for radical type, banker actual strength is strong, capital is concentrated, make tall desire is intense, often appear in contrarian situation.The four stages of the main wave rise: low points near 1.60 day line (strong 20-day line);2. Consolidation near new highs;3. Accelerated breakthrough stage, one sword sealing throat position;4. Pull out, complete one band, and repeat to wait for the next band.The main wave can be divided into washing → oscillation → pull up → shipment four stages, the corresponding change of our position is, light warehouse → add warehouse → heavy warehouse → shipment.Shares such as battlefield, war does not fight will not lose, play must win, there is no full grasp, learn to short positions is the best strategy.Trader must prevent the trade that produces big deficit, want decisive stop loss.Stop loss is one of the first practical lessons traders learn to protect their principal until the next level.Making a living in the stock market is risky.Temptations and traps are everywhere!Experienced ups and downs, only to find that no matter information, capital, technology, stock research, retail investors are far behind their institutional counterparts;So finally understand, only patience is the magic weapon of retail investors.Even if you are not making or even losing money now, you will have gained knowledge and experience that will help in future asset growth.But you get nothing by relying on others blindly.It is true that the rationality of investors is limited, even irrational, and their behavior in the investment process is easily controlled by emotion