Led going into the final quarter two years ago, 57-0 without losing a game, has surrendered 10-point leads 12 times

2022-05-25 0 By

The Los Angeles lakers lost their third straight game, 121-129, to the Atlanta hawks after taking a double-digit lead.The lakers are just 24-27, ninth in the Western Conference.Notably, James has missed the lakers’ last three games, and the lakers haven’t won a game.However, although James was absent today, Eyebrows, Westbrook and Monk all had good performances, but unfortunately all became air cuts.Bryant finished with 27 points, five rebounds, four assists and two steals on 10-for-20 shooting in 36 minutes.Westbrook finished with 20 points, seven rebounds and 12 assists on 8-for-15 shooting in 35 minutes.Monk in outbreak today, in 37 minutes, 12 for 19, including 8 of 14 three-point shots, free throws made 1 of 2, scored 33 points and 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 33 points and 10 rebounds are a personal season high, for the lakers, this is the 12th time this season leading up to double-digit was reversed to lose, if can win this 12 games,The lakers would have gone 36-15, which is what they should have done.The fact that the Lakers are up by double digits suggests they’re in good shape, but the fact that they’re up by double digits and can’t win suggests there’s something wrong with their defense that can’t hold a lead.The team that takes the lead is not really a good team. The team that doesn’t turn it over is a good team.It’s worth noting that two years ago, the Lakers were an unbeatable team, going 57-0 when leading into the fourth quarter and never losing a game.In other words, the lakers win the game every time they take a lead through the first three quarters.It was a testament to the lakers’ ability to finally win a championship.This season, however, the lakers have not been able to do that, losing many leads and failing to live up to expectations.The lakers are less likely to be turned around with James on the bench.The lakers might not have been able to turn this game around without Lebron James.