Tianzhu: Planting ecological background promotes green development

2022-05-25 0 By

New Gansu · Gansu Economic Daily Reporter Fang Huiling correspondent Liu Hongkai In Spring March, walking in Tianzhu County within the datong River, the water is clear and transparent, the river on both sides of the verdant trees, charming scenery.Li Hua, an ecological ranger in Nwei Village, Tiantian Town, Tianzhu County, was collecting garbage and protecting trees along the river.”We patrol the mountains and protect the river all the year round. In recent years, we can obviously feel that there is less garbage on both sides of the river, and there are no people who cut down trees. The ecological environment is getting better and better.”Li Huaxian was moved.Located in the hinterland of Qilian Mountains, Tiantang Town is an important part of Qilian Mountain National Park.With the development of ecological civilization construction in Tianzhu County, many local farmers and herdsmen consciously become ecological conservators of Qilian Mountain National Park. They lay down their grazing whips and become ecological protectors from grassland users. They shoulder heavy responsibilities and feel proud of protecting the national park.In recent years, Tianzhu County has unswervingly taken the road of ecological priority and green development, and made every effort to promote the construction of ecological civilization. The quality of ecological environment has been significantly improved, and the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security of ecological environment has been constantly enhanced.Also located in the hinterland of the Qilian Mountains, Sialalong township, Tianzhu County, in the past, most of the people rely on grazing for a living, because the per capita grassland area is small, the number of livestock breeding is limited, income is very unstable.In recent years, in order to relieve the pressure on the grassland, Tianzhu County has promoted the balance between grass and livestock in an orderly manner and encouraged the public to develop ecological tourism. Many herdsmen have seized the opportunity to eat “tourist food”.”This year, we actively respond to the call of the government, combined with the reconstruction of the village features and facilities, self-raised funds of more than 300,000 yuan, to upgrade the farmhouse.The newly built water toilet, bath room, guest room and so on, improve the tourists’ experience of eating, living, traveling and playing.Next, we will continue to improve the quality of service, to build tulugou Shangri-La ethnic food village brand, so that tourists are satisfied, willing to come again.”Nowadays, there are still many herdsmen in tianzhu county who, like Angayangcai, change their ideology and mode of production and rely on green natural endowments to develop the tourism industry.Castle peak, clear water, colorful tent, has become the most beautiful scenery on the tianzhu grassland, “clear water and castle peak is gold and silver mountains” concept has become more farmers and herdsmen consensus.It is understood that in recent years, tianzhu county comprehensive overhaul qilian mountain nature reserve of 134 ecological environment problems, complete the qilian mountain nature reserve core 59 families crowd of ecological migration, as a whole ShanShuiLinTian HuCao smoothies system management, forest coverage rate reached 34.38%, comprehensive grassland vegetation coverage reached 94.54%, the ecological environment of continuous quality improvement.