Argentina opposes the deployment of British weapons in the Malvinas Islands

2022-05-26 0 By

Buenos Aires, January 29 (Xinhua)Argentina’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement Wednesday that it firmly opposes Britain’s deployment of anti-aircraft military weapons in the Malvinas Islands (falkland Islands).According to the statement, Argentina has recently learned that Britain has deployed sky Saber, a new-generation surface-to-air missile weapon system, in the Malvinas Islands, to which Argentina expresses its strongest opposition.Argentina’s Foreign Ministry called the British deployment “another unjustified show of force” and a deliberate departure from repeated calls by the United Nations and other international organizations to resume negotiations to find a peaceful solution to their dispute over the Malvinas islands.The statement also said that the argument that “The establishment of British military bases in the South Atlantic is for defensive purposes” is not only groundless, but also poses a threat to the security of the entire region.Argentina reiterated its “permanent and continuing” desire for a peaceful resumption of negotiations to resolve the sovereignty dispute.In 1982, Argentina went to war with Britain over sovereignty of the Falklands, which Britain won.But Argentina has never given up its claim to the Falklands, and Britain has refused to negotiate with Argentina.Source: Xinhua