Arsenal sell the captain, AC Milan buy the veteran, aubameyang do not make a decision, there is no chance

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It is interesting to think of Arsenal and AC Milan as two teams that have had great periods in the past but failed to qualify for the Champions League in recent seasons.One of the most talked-about and discussed moves of the last couple of decades has been the transfer market.Arsenal used to like to sell captains, and wenger would sell them for money if they did well, while AC Milan like to collect veterans, as long as they are old stars, they don’t like to refuse.Every team has its own way of survival. Arsenal can build a stadium by selling their captain, and Milan can rely on a group of veterans to maintain their attention. Who can say that is not their success?Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been stripped of his armband and sent to the stands after losing his place in the starting line-up this season.With aubameyang’s first two seasons as a premier League golden boot, there are still teams to choose from, but not many.Aubameyang’s unpopularity in the transfer market is largely due to his desire to win, as well as his decline.Aubameyang is flunking a captain who has failed to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, has rarely stepped up to save the team at crucial moments this season and has failed even to follow the team’s discipline off the field.It is for this reason that Aubameyang is difficult to attract strong teams, but it is difficult for weak teams to attract Aubameyang, it seems that AC Milan is a very good choice.Milan has this tradition, as we mentioned above.Looking at their frontcourt roster, zlatan Ibrahimovic (40), Olivier Giroud (35) and Sebastien Messi (30), they have a striking line-up that is rarely seen in Serie A, let alone in world football.But it is these players who have kept AC Milan in excellent form this season, scoring 16 goals so far.However, if Aubameyang can join, AC Milan will not pay too much money, or very welcome.Arsenal would rather send Aubameyang to Juve than AC Milan, and the player may also feel the same way.However, juve are reluctant to sign aubameyang, preferring a younger striker, and the deal will be difficult to pull off.However, aubameyang’s current relationship with Arsenal makes staying at the club a danger and if there is a team willing to take over, there is no better choice than Milan.