Laixi Public Security Bureau held the launch ceremony of security and stability maintenance of winter Olympic Games and Spring Festival and the flag-awarding ceremony of vanguard commandos

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China Shandong network – Perception shandong January 29 – “Winter Olympics · Spring Festival security maintenance work officially started, go!”As commanded, siren ringing, lights flashing, more than 300 police officers, fire rescue personnel and militia forces by motorcycle, a police car in accordance with the established route in turn to street, go to their jobs, dedication to the security work stability, comprehensive fired, lacey had winter Olympics security stability during the Spring Festival, to be completed.In order to fully implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, fully implement the requirements of “simplicity, safety and splendor”, and spare no effort to ensure security and stability of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics and the Spring Festival, the morning of January 28, 2022,The Public Security Bureau of Laixi held the launch ceremony of security and stability maintenance of The Winter Olympics and the Spring Festival and the flag-awarding ceremony of the vanguard commandos, which further strengthened confidence, encouraged morale, and made full efforts to comprehensively strengthen prevention and control measures with a hundred times of confidence, a hundred times of fighting spirit and a hundred times of hard work to maintain the overall social stability.To hold a wonderful, extraordinary, excellent Olympic Games and the city’s people celebrate the Spring Festival to provide a solid security guarantee.Jiang Lianjun, Deputy Secretary of Laixi Municipal Committee of the CPC, Wang Qingxiu, Member of laixi Municipal Committee of the CPC and Minister of The Armed Forces Department, Liu Li, Deputy Director of Laixi Municipal People’s Congress, Fu Qiang, Deputy Mayor of Laixi, Party Secretary and Director of Laixi Public Security Bureau, Wang Zhichao, Vice Chairman of Laixi CPPCC, Zhan Xiawen, Deputy Secretary of Laixi Municipal Political and Legal Committee,More than 300 people attended the ceremony, including representatives of fire and militia forces and the various types of police and auxiliary police.Laxi Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy secretary of the Party Committee, political commissar Dong Jinnuan presided over the ceremony.At the launch ceremony, Comrade Fu Qiang made a mobilization speech, the public Security Bureau public security management brigade made a statement, to emergency treatment, rescue, crime cracking, traffic support, patrol and prevention, epidemic prevention and control and serve the people seven commandos awarded flags, Comrade Jiang Coalition issued police orders!Comrade degree students fu qiang, points out that at present, the Beijing Olympic security work stability and the Spring Festival has entered the final critical juncture, the city’s public security organs at all levels, emergency rescue and security forces for further uplifting spirit, cohesion force, further strengthen confidence, passionate spirit, commitment to security stability to be completed, to all who tested the illegal crime strong-arm reaction,To win the battle for security and stability, we must strike a sword against all public order and all factors of instability and insecurity.Comrade Fu Qiang required that the whole city should adhere to the guidance of Party building, build a strong sense of preparedness, strengthen the bottom line thinking, spare no effort to prevent risks, ensure safety and protect stability;We need to work hard to ensure the operation of wartime mechanisms, safeguard political security, prevent and defuse major risks related to stability, prevent and control social gatherings, regulate public security, and prevent and control the epidemic. We need to build a solid defense line of security, so as to bring about “greater peace” in society through tangible “little peace”.We need to overcome paralysis, war-weariness, fluke mentality and slackness of mind. We need to be responsible, responsible and conscientious in defending our territory, and truly shoulder the major responsibility of safeguarding China’s peace and stability.We should have the courage to be the vanguard, lead the way, carry the red flag, make new achievements, go deep into the front line, sink down, and take the lead in effectively responding to challenges, resisting risks, overcoming difficulties, and resolving conflicts.Comrade degree students fu qiang stressed that make games security stability, ensuring the harmonious and stable during the Spring Festival is the party committees and governments at all levels and the whole city to the great task of public security organs, all the police officers can fully develop can come at the drop of a hat, to fight, fight to win glorious traditions, the courage to dare to dare to play spell, the bear, the world with my confidence and win with security stability of run-off victory,Return the trust and support of the Party Committee, the government and the people of the city!On the night of the launch ceremony, the Public Security Bureau of Laixi organized a centralized inventory operation in the city. At 6:30 p.m., all kinds of police rushed to the front line immediately after gathering to carry out the attack, inventory, prevention and control work.Unit 400 police will be divided into free point can group, Internet cafes inventory, inventory, rental housing inventory group public security, rural police station inventory XunLuoZu five big group, a unified action at the same time, among them, the free point can set in the city to set up four card points, key card, certificate, no driving vehicles or certificates and procedures do not tally with the vehicle;Vehicles with fake plates, fake certificates and fake procedures;Vehicles whose color, engine number and frame number are chiseled or altered;Other vehicles suspected of being stolen, robbed or smuggling and their drivers and passengers shall be examined and recorded.Internet cafe inspection group focus on illegal access to the Internet, security risks, Internet cafes and related to drugs and knives and other illegal and criminal behavior to investigate, rectification, strike.Public security inspection group, focus on hotels, entertainment venues, logistics sites for inventory, timely detection of all kinds of illegal and criminal hidden among them, severely crack down on places engaged in prostitution, gambling, drugs and other illegal and criminal acts, to capture a number of illegal and criminal personnel.The inspection team of rental houses and floating population residential areas will focus on the inspection of rental houses and “villages in the city” and other floating population residential areas, strictly check and verify the identity information of rental and other foreign personnel, timely find, investigate and control suspected criminals, and eliminate the hiding places of criminals to the maximum extent.Rural police station inventory, patrol group focus on their respective areas of Internet cafes, hotels, entertainment venues, logistics, banks, shopping malls, schools and other overall elements to carry out a dragnet inventory work, to ensure that there is no missing a suspicious person, do not let go of a safety hazard.During the inspection, more than 150 Internet cafes, hotels and entertainment venues were checked, and 12 hidden dangers were found for rectification.More than 80 rental houses and 160 transient residents were inspected;More than 580 vehicles were checked and more than 40 traffic violations were investigated, including 1 drunk driving and 2 drunk driving.11 criminals of all kinds were captured.During the action, take authority launching “denying” police station, the authorities integrate the police, the police car, joint police to patrol together, in the urban area, mainly to strengthen business district, residential village, the square for key parts such as patrols, to safeguard the city’s safety and the management of fireworks banned;In rural areas, targeted comprehensive patrol prevention and control will be carried out in combination with key areas and key periods under the jurisdiction of each police station.At the same time, organize the traffic police brigade police on duty, strengthen the patrol inspection of main roads and main intersections, and timely carry out card inspection, timely investigate suspicious items, people and drunk driving, drunk driving and other serious illegal and criminal acts.